Why is insurance important?

Insurance companies as financial institutions engaged in the sale of insurance services has an important role in fundraising efforts to support sustainable communities and national development in the country, in a sense to minimize the risks that could hinder the course of development.

In addition to the tools that raise development funds, insurance business benefits that can also be seen as one tool that provides guarantees for the continuity of effort that once suffered losses as a result of an event that befell the company.

Not only the companies that suffered losses but men will also face the loss or loss due to an unexpected event such as house fires, lost items, accidents on the way both on land, at sea, or in the air.

If the losses experienced by only a relatively small, it can be solved with money deposits, so it does not significantly influence the company has planned or operational, but if the losses are relatively large where the deposits are not sufficient to cover such losses, will cause disruption to operational
company, then this is where the importance of insurance undertakings.

What is meant by an insurance company is a company associated with the business of insurance and coverage, meaning the insurance company will bear all the risks insured both the risk of loss and the risk of death. The company is a life insurance company, losses, re insurers, insurance brokers and insurance agents.

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