The ability to read at an Early Age

The ability to read is the basis for mastering a variety of fields of study. If school-age children at the beginning did not immediately have the ability to read, then the child will experience many difficulties in studying the various fields of study at the next class.

Children must learn to read to reading to learn. Reading is an appropriate means to promote a life-long learning. By teaching the children how to read it means giving the child a future that gives a technique how to explore the "world" which was selected and provides an opportunity to get a purpose in life.

Reading lessons in children must consider many factors, including adjustments to the ability of the child, the child's interest and the factors that influence the process of learning to read. Many teachers and parents who are less and not even realize the importance of these factors, especially the effective methods to teach reading to children age kindergarten. Giving the wrong method can lead to disruption of the psychological development of children. Teaching in Kindergarten should pay attention to aspects of cognition, motivation, values ​​and development of sensing students.

The material is taught in kindergarten should be more emphasized the significance of learning for children, it means learning activities undertaken by children is the real activity of life which enables children to carry out activities according to their talents, interests and abilities. Children are not forced to do activities the same education regardless of the uniqueness of every individual.

The best time to learn to read at about the same time with the children learn to speak, where the sensitivity occurs in a lifespan of three (3) to five (5) years, when the child's ability to learn to read being on top. This is due to the psychological fact almost no difference between reading the words spoken by learning to read words written, the difference is, the words of greeting to the ears of children through sound waves while the form of written words via light waves .

One of the ways to learn is with images that are used with the aim of making children interested in learning to be given, because children are usually easily attracted by a variety of images.

Motion Coordination Skills for Cerebral Palsy Child

Cerebral Palsy Children is a disorder of movement and posture caused by damage to brain regions that control motor function. From the definition above may be taken of a child's understanding of cerebral palsy, they were impaired (impairment) is characterized by the presence of disturbances in motor system of muscle movement or posture that can also be accompanied by the condition of mental retardation or other neurological symptoms, all of which is due control muscle function due to abnormalities in the brain area or brain dysfunction due to prior development of the perfect.

Cerebral palsy child's motor skills are very limited, therefore, should be studied systematically in order motion capability can be improved. To develop the motor skills of cerebral palsy children requires time and patience. Exercises should be done regularly and repeatedly, on a regular schedule, so that success can be immediately felt.

The main component of independence for the child's Cerebral Palsy is the ability to coordinate movement of his limbs. The problems faced by Cerebral palsy children is difficulty in conditioning the motion of the body, resulting in disruption experienced by them on members of the motion. As for the disruption they experienced them, muscle spasms either whole or in part.

The presence of inuvoluntary movements are movements that are not intentional and can not be prevented, so it felt very disturbing. The deficiency of balance of the body that causes incorrect or false allegations such as the time step size. Small movements such as continuous vibration on the hands, head or eyes. The presence of muscles in the body is always stiff. The disorder causes movement disorders in children activities such as eating movement, stepping movements, the movement of writing and other activities.

To overcome the above Cerebral Palsy child needs to exercise motor skills so that they have a matching motor coordination or harmony so that they can take care of themselves which is a basic function in everyday life by developing a customized motor coordination skills with ability. This can improve them a better life for themselves and for their families and their environment.

Exercise motor coordination skills in cerebral palsy child requires a special form of motion, and specific principles. Thus, in practice these motor coordination skills using basic dance form of motion on the grounds that the dance is a branch of the art of dance in general is very well-liked


Understanding of Gender

Biologically there is a difference between men and women, both in terms of chromosomes, hormonal, physical, and chemical makeup. These biological differences are referred to as the gender of men and women. While the difference psychologically between men and women termed gender roles.

Understanding of gender in general associated with biological sex, gender or mean as: sexual classification; sex: the male and female gender. Stating the female sex and men as form the basis of biological classification system is called gender.

Traditionally, most of the traits and behaviors that are associated with so-called gender biological sex. However, gender is now viewed more as a 'constructed by social reality' as women and men. Thus, gender not only refers to biological sex, but also descriptions of psychological, social and cultural as well as the specific characteristics associated with the biological categories of female and male.

In the area of ​​psychology is more use of the term gender to gender in studying the personal behavior of women and men in a social context. Separating between sex and gender, with the understanding that gender is a social construction. Defined as biological gender are differences in genetic.

As with other mammalian species that have two biological forms of the women and men, as well as the people in it consists of women and men laiki, human babies said to be women and men at the time of his birth, based on the genitals they have.

It is important to distinguish between sex and gender (although it is often used to both simultaneously), due to: equating sex and gender can redirect the belief that differences in behavioral traits and the concept of sex and gender helps us to analyze the complex relationship between sex and gender in our lives. Everyone has their own roles in society. Among these roles, including roles based on sex, so-called gender roles. Since a person is born, the environment has started to prepare a child for behavior deemed appropriate environment for women and men

Through a variety of definitions can be concluded that gender roles are a series of personality attributes that include attitudes and behavior patterns that are considered suitable for men or groups possess, characteristics associated with feminine and masculine in accordance with the expected community.

Interior Design

Office is one of the facilities is very important for a company, the office is a place for all employees and the organization's activities in the economy. But the current office is not always seen as a place where people work, a place where there are activities associated with a job. Because, right now the office can be regarded as a second home for most people, especially someone who lived in big city.

Some even most of their time is spent in an office. So now an office building and interior in a company should be able to create and provide a comfortable atmosphere for its users who indulge in it.

A comfortable office in all aspects may indirectly support the better performance for employees and the directors, so it is not possible in an office interior design has a considerable influence on the growth of a company.

Office interior design is now a matter of sufficient concern. Rapid developments in all aspects of human life member having a significant impact in the world of interior design. Especially the companies that selling a product. Every company should be competing to provide a quality product, so their products can be acceptable to the market.
An interior design can be said to succeed if it forms an interior space can reflect or projecting a function of space and were able to present aesthetic.


Menopause is when a woman's menstrual periods stopped as a result of reduced production of estrogen. When menopause begins women will experience changes both physically and psychologically. The changes at menopause will encourage a woman to adapt to the psychosocial environment.

Women workers and female workers is not different in terms of its role, where women play a role doubles as workers and as housewives. When entering the menopause, a woman will experience upheavals or changes that include physical and psychological aspects that can affect various aspects of the life of the woman. Discomfort due to physical changes may include stiffness and pains suddenly all over his body, hot flush, fatigue, headache, palpitations.

In addition, a prominent psychological symptoms when menopause is irritability, sleeplessness, depression, nervousness, loneliness, anxiety and depression. The symptoms are unpleasant menopausal women experience due to physical and psychological changes, greatly affect their quality of life. Enough knowledge will help them understand and prepare himself through menopause better.

The number of grievances felt at the time of menopause women both physically and psychologically should not be taken lightly because it can lead to high stress. However, menopausal women will experience emotional stability if they are adaptable to changes that occur during menopause.

Menopausal women not as a worker or a housewife will have the satisfaction its own because it can lead children into adulthood until a family. However, as a housewife menopausal women not workers may experience stress sourced from the family, because family can be a source of stress due to events related to family members.

Menopausal women workers have a dual role as a wife, housewife, running errands reproduction, community members, and at the same time breadwinner, in perform that role is often stressed. As the breadwinner, working menopausal women often experience the stress that comes from the work environment. Stress can occur for several reasons, among others, work demands, job responsibilities, physical work environment, poor human relationships, lack of knowledge and improvement of career and feeling less safe in the workplace.


Among medical experts recognized two types of abortion (miscarriage) that is spontaneous abortion and artificial abortion.

Spontaneous abortion is a natural mechanism that causes the interruption of the pregnancy before the age of 28 weeks. The cause may be due to the illness of the mother or other causes which are generally associated with abnormalities in the reproductive system.

As with the abortion, artificial abortion with this type of a deliberate effort to terminate the pregnancy before the age of 28 weeks, where fetuses (products of conception) issued an unbiased survive in the outside world.

Artificial abortion, if viewed from the aspect of law can be classified into two categories namely:

1. Abortion made ​​legal
Which abortions are performed according to the terms and in ways that are justified by the law. Popular also called provocatus therapcutius abortion, because the very basic reason for doing so is to save the life / cure of the mother.

2. Abortion made ​​illegal
Namely abortion whose purpose other than to save / heal the mother, performed by staff who are incompetent and not qualified and the means justified by the law.

This type of abortion is often also called provocatus criminalis abortion, because it contains elements of criminal or crime.


Female Entrepreneurship

Many sectors of life where women are free to work and compete with men, may be mentioned entrepreneurship (entrepreneurship), as one of choice for a woman to prove herself that she could try is to create small businesses. Already very many women who become entrepreneurs from the very micro level, small, medium, and large, with a view to helping her husband meet the economic needs of families, to factor independence, or as a realization of the knowledge gained while undergoing education.

An entrepreneur is not motivated primarily by financial incentives, but by a desire to escape from an environment that is not appropriate, in addition to finding new meaning to his life.

Female entrepreneurial motivation factor is that The Feminist Refugee women who felt he had to get discriminatory treatment compared to men, both in the educational system, corporate environment, as well as in society, will try to prove that he was able to establish his own company.
While other motivating factor is The Housewife refugee ie the housewives who were initially busy raising children and the household will try to help her husband financially because of the needs of children are growing up increasingly large.

Women should choose a business that is preferred to the risk of loss can be reduced. This is important because in their business so completely to understand that they do business.

Development of Business Ideas for women

Women in starting a business should do 3 (three) terms, that is originated from a small scale, willing to learn marketing, and change the mentality to be socially active. On the other hand, the risk in managing a business is time-consuming. Therefore, skill in dividing time between business and family affairs should be maintained properly. Regarding the location of the business, it is suggested should not be far from their homes so the timing was not exhausted outside and women should choose the type of business that does away with the preferred activity.

Women tend to choose a hobby business in accordance with women entrepreneurs to start a business. Beauty salon business is one of the alternatives preferred by women, because women generally like to take care of their hair and bodies. This phenomenon is evidenced by the number of existing salons in major streets and in alleys.

Beauty salon business is a service business that provides services of a woman or man's hair cut, makeup and a place to take care of themselves. Beauty salon is one of the businesses in the informal form. The informal sector is very helpful community interest in providing employment to self employment or a safety belt for workers entering the labor market, in addition to providing the needs of lower middle class society.

In general, the informal sector is often considered more able to survive than other business sectors. This can occur because of the informal sector is relatively more independent or not depends on the other hand, especially in relation to capital and better able to adapt its business

The Biodiesel

Fuel oil is a source of energy with the largest current consumption when compared to other energy sources. But the current world fuel crisis. As a result of the depletion of oil and gas supplies are necessary to develop alternative fuels. Alternative fuel is a renewable fuel. Fuel source is derived from green plants that can produce hydrocarbons directly. We can choose a new plant source of high potential to be used as liquid fuels and chemicals.

Biodiesel is also a solution to face the scarcity of fossil energy in the future. Biodiesel is generally a diesel engine fuel made from renewable materials, or specifically a fuel for diesel engines consisting of alkyl esters of fatty acids. Biodiesel can be made from vegetable oils, animal oils or from used cooking oil or recycled. Biodiesel raw materials are potentially large in Indonesia for now is crude palm oil (Crude Palm Oil CPO), palm oil, jatropha oil.

Biodiesel is expected to replace diesel as a base for diesel engines. The advantages of biodiesel is higher cetane number than diesel fuel cetane number that exist today, the flue gas from burning biodiesel is more environmentally friendly, better engine acceleration, and lighter pull.

Development and use of alternative fuels to be one option to meet the demand for fuel is increasing. In addition, alternative fuels have a positive impact such as exhaust emissions are environmentally friendly (especially reducing greenhouse gases), as well as the development of the agricultural industry


Determining a Decision

The decision is defined as the selection of an act of two or more alternative choice. The decision to purchase by a consumer of a product begins with the awareness of the needs of buyers will be any problems. 
Consumers realize that there is a difference between the actual conditions with the desired conditions. This has led to active consumers looking for more information to find products that interest. After obtaining and evaluating information before a consumer will decide to buy a product that fits their wants and needs.

Before the decision was taken, someone will be faced with a decision process consisting of problem recognition, information search, alternative evaluation, purchase and after-purchase customer.

Product, price, place and promotion are an important thing that has always considered by consumers in the decision to buy a product. Typically a consumer will find out in advance about the product to buy. How is the quality of the product, whether the brand has been known or not, or how the packaging or the shape of the product, whether it is in accordance with consumer tastes or not. 
After that the consumer will consider the price of the product, whether the price offered is in conformity with the satisfaction to be gained from buying the product. Places are also taken into consideration in deciding on a purchase consumers. Typically consumers will love the comfortable places and their locations easy to find. 
Promotion is a means for manufacturers to introduce to consumers the benefits of its products and also as a means of information for consumers. Consumer purchasing decisions will usually happen to buy the most preferred brand, but the purchase decision could be influenced by several factors including the quality of the product, the price is more expensive or cheaper than competitors' products, the brand is well known by the public as well as promotion performed by the company so that consumers know and understand the benefits of these products.

Business Plan for Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is an important issue in the economy of a developing nation. Progress or decline of a nation's economy is largely determined by the existence and role of this group of entrepreneurs.

An entrepreneur is a person who has the expertise to sell, ranging from commodities to offer ideas to either product or service. With creativity, entrepreneurs are able to adapt to various situations and environmental conditions.

As a businessperson, the entrepreneur must know how well the sales management, management style and function. To succeed, entrepreneurs must be able to communicate and control some elements of managerial skills, and learn strategic selling techniques ranging from knowledge about the product, product characteristics and product competitiveness against similar products. Success in running a new business is influenced by how a business plan that can then be prepared to run.

There are some plans that need to be prepared among others by choosing the type of business to be carried out later how the marketing plan, production plan, organizational plan and financial plan.

There are several alternative choices of new business. Options There are three kinds of business franchise, buying an existing business, or open a business from scratch.

Business plan is a document prepared by carefully describing the pattern of business to be cultivated, the target of the entrepreneur and the plan of action to achieve goals and success in business. Whatever option is decided upon a new venture, in ensuring the success of the business should be conducted thoroughly prepare is by way of preparing a business plan.

Planning is a tool to outline the direction of the company that directs the company to a logical progression from the start point to end point. Well-developed plans to help entrepreneurs find out what will happen, so prepare to minimize risk and increase the chances of business success. The success of the business in question in this case indicated in the five important things that increase operating funds, the increased production, increased profits, cash flow and earnings grow rapidly growing members.

Things to remember when buying a home.

Human needs based on three things: food, clothing, and shelter, because it needed all the time for humans to continue to thrive. This study addresses one of the factors of individual needs that could be considered large but necessary that the board or the house.

The need for the home is necessary because as a human shelter. The house needed by every strata of society because it has become a primary need for shelter. The house is the stuff that is needed by humans, so everyone is trying their best to get home.

Housing serves not only as a residence only, heat and shelter from the rain but the function is growing and can become family recreation. The house is expected to provide an atmosphere of life is safe, peaceful, and prosperous and be in a healthy environment. Besides the need to have a nice home, healthy and beautiful is the prestige of the homeowner.

The process of purchasing a specific sequence of events consisting of the following: recognition of need, information search, alternative evaluation, purchase decision and post purchase behavior. The process of home buying by consumers should consider several factors i.e. price, personal income, location and amenities of housing, so consumers really satisfied with the decision and right of purchase.

Material transfer machine

Material transfer machine is an integral part of mechanical equipment in any modern industry. Mover machine design materials as diverse due to the wide variety and nature of the cargo transferred and the number of grafts that will support the production.

In each company, the overall production process is largely determined by the selection of an appropriate material transfer machine main parameters that proper selection and efficiency of its operations. Thus, a perfect knowledge of the operating characteristics and design of this machine and its design method and its practical application is necessary.

Material transfer machine is one of the tools used to move cargo or area location, departments, factories, construction sites, where the buildup of materials, storage, and unloading. Material transfer machine in practice just to move cargo in large numbers and as well as a certain distance. The distance is only done for thousands of meters of the constant movement between two or more locations connected by the same production activity.

To unload a specific operation, the mechanism of material transfer machine equipped with a special tool holder that is operated by the auxiliary engine or manually. Selection of appropriate material transfer machine and corresponding to each activity above, will improve the efficiency and competitiveness of the event.

Mover machine design based on classified material on:

1. Gear equipment, i.e. machines with lifting equipment group that aims to move the payload in a single batch.

2. Switching equipment, a group that has no engine but move the cargo lifting equipment on an ongoing basis.

3. Equipment and overhead surfaces, namely groups of machines that are not fitted with lifting equipment and usually handle the cargo in a single batch and continuous.

Each group is distinguished by a characteristic engine and specialized areas of usage. Differences in the design group was also determined by the state of load to be handled, the labor movement and the state of the process handling.

The introduction to the need for consumer products

The introduction to the need for consumer products are beginning the process of decision-making. The need to communicate is a very important thing in human life. Due to the absence of communication, humans can not perform as well as interaction with fellow human beings with other living creatures. In addition, communication is required as a socialization process so as to be able to launch the process of communication is necessary to a device as an intermediary in communicating.

Intermediaries may be something that is natural as the senses possessed by humans, or something made ​​by humans, such as cellular telephone technology (cell phones). Mobile phones will support the activities become more effective and efficient because of space and time no longer be an obstacle to perform daily activities. Wishes of the people in choosing a cell phone as the community grows in an environment that has developed a set of cell phone technology with an understanding and consumer value. Given the cultural relations in society makes of mobile phone users increasingly crowded.

Almost everyone is constantly interacting with other people who are directly or indirectly will affect their buying decisions. Cultural society that likes to try new things and follow the trends used by mobile phone manufacturers are aggressively launching new products of high tech.

Consumers have different personalities so that decisions made in choosing a cell phone any different as there are consumers who like high tech phones that since according to lifestyles. Selection of mobile phones is also influenced by one's economic condition. Consumers would consider buying an expensive phone if it has enough revenue.

Individuals who have needs, desires and wishes, will form a behavior that he hoped would satisfy the needs. Thus will lead to a more pleasant circumstances in him.


Preparing for Insurance Education since the early

The need for insurance services is increasingly important by both individuals and businesses because the insurance is a financial tool in the order of domestic life, both in the face of risk on the property owned.

Although many methods used to manage risk, but insurance is the best method and effectively used, this is caused by the insurance benefits promised protection to the insured to risk being faced by individuals and companies face.

Risk is the uncertainty caused by imperfections such as disaster forecasting, injury, failure of education and others that are causing harm.

Risk of failure in education is a very important part anticipated by insurance because insurance companies are very closely related to the security implementation of education, because the insurance serves to provide protection in overcoming the difficulties associated with financing difficulties in education in which to improve education will require a relatively expensive financing .

Thus, to overcome the financing in the continuity of education, then it should be the parents must be customers of insurance education. Because education is a part especially for everyone, we hope to every parent in financing their children's education is relatively expensive to make careful planning by using existing facilities at the companies that support the development of education such as insurance companies, because every parent would want a better future for their children to compete in the future.

To achieve a better education to the parents expect to be able to plan financing for early education so that continuity of education is not disrupted due to lack of tuition fees. By following this education insurance, is expected to address the lack of funds needed for education to a higher stage.

Orange fruit variety and efficacy

Types of oranges are grown today consists of several kinds and fruit spreads became famous as a specific area. Example in Indonesia known orange called orange honey siem Medan, Pontianak siem oranges, tangerines Malang, tangerines and oranges nuts pier. Each of these special types has their own advantages and disadvantages, so which one is more difficult than winning.

Orange fruit is not only enjoyed the fresh taste only, but a orange fruit as well as thirst and release as a dessert fruit, orange fruit turns out to have multiple benefits, which in addition can be processed into a beverage or food can also be used for drugs.

For example orange can lower a fever by rubbing the orange liquid on the foreheads of people who suffer from pain. Orange juice can also be used to cure inflammatory eye drops, after being mixed with clean water. Oranges can also be squeezed and mixed with hot water to serve fresh drinks.

In connection with the high levels of vitamin C in orange fruit, the citrus fruits can be processed into tablets of Vitamin C or eaten straight to cure bleeding gums and grippe.

Orange fruit peelings can be used for a mixture of dish washing soap, to remove the smell of rancid on the surface of the plate. Especially if the maintenance and processing with a good note, hopefully this venture will bring in more profit.

Why is insurance important?

Insurance companies as financial institutions engaged in the sale of insurance services has an important role in fundraising efforts to support sustainable communities and national development in the country, in a sense to minimize the risks that could hinder the course of development.

In addition to the tools that raise development funds, insurance business benefits that can also be seen as one tool that provides guarantees for the continuity of effort that once suffered losses as a result of an event that befell the company.

Not only the companies that suffered losses but men will also face the loss or loss due to an unexpected event such as house fires, lost items, accidents on the way both on land, at sea, or in the air.

If the losses experienced by only a relatively small, it can be solved with money deposits, so it does not significantly influence the company has planned or operational, but if the losses are relatively large where the deposits are not sufficient to cover such losses, will cause disruption to operational
company, then this is where the importance of insurance undertakings.

What is meant by an insurance company is a company associated with the business of insurance and coverage, meaning the insurance company will bear all the risks insured both the risk of loss and the risk of death. The company is a life insurance company, losses, re insurers, insurance brokers and insurance agents.


Being a Reliable Employee

Each company is now to be able to compete in order to sustain its existence. Good quality of work created by reliable human resources. Therefore every employee should strive to become a reliable employee. One of the problems must be faced by everyone in work life is stressful to be overcome, either by their own employees without the help of others, or with the help of other parties such as specialists provided by the organization where the employees work.

Stress is not managed properly usually results in a person's inability to interact positively with their environment, both in the work environment as well as outside it. This means that the employee will face a variety of negative symptoms, which in turn affects the quality of work.

Experts say that job stress can arise as a result of pressure or tension that comes from disharmony between a man and his environment. In other words, if the facilities and guidance tasks are not in tune with the needs and abilities, he will experience job stress.

Basically, many sources of stress can be classified, which originated from work and from individuals. Various things can become sources of stress stemming from work (organization) also varied as a too heavy workload and time pressure and others.

The situation outside the work environment (individuals) can also be a source of stress. The various problems faced by someone, such as problems family problems and others are examples of sources of stress.

Various symptoms of job stress in general can be classified in two categories: psychological and behavioral. Psychological symptoms of stress of work can be seen from the changes in metabolism, accelerates the heartbeat, shortness of breath, increased blood pressure and headaches easily. Symptoms of work stress which includes both the behavioral changes in quality, often forgotten, dietary changes, feelings of restlessness and irritability.

Know more about Gambir (Gambier)

Gambier is a creeping plant coffee compatriots copies (uncaria gambier Roxb). In trading Gambier known by various names as follows namely: terra handkerchief and cutch. Gambier plants are generally grown in the lowlands to an altitude of 900 meters above sea level and require a lot of sunlight. Gambier plants can be propagated in two ways namely vegetative and generative.

Along with the development of the types of industrial goods that require raw materials Gambier, Gambier the need for the industry is increasing. Gambier has long been known as a food ingredient mixture of betel. Gambier is also used as a medicinal herb, batik material, paint ingredients, textile dyes and the beer industry.

Gambier can inhibit the growth of fungi phytophora cinnamomi and potentially quite as anti-bacterial and anti fungal. Recent studies show that Gambier extract is used as the active ingredient in toothpaste and bio pesticides.

In Japan Gambier used in making special sweets for smokers whose function is to neutralize nicotine. Gambier processing is done by boiling or steaming Gambier leaf, and then squeezed with sapik / Captain (traditional tool for squeezing the sap Gambier). Results juice of sap / filtrate will be thickened in a container like a bucket or tub so that the wood hardens and becomes a paste Gambier. Then done draining the sack and weighted down with rocks or cement Cora for a day, so similar to cookie dough.

Then performed with a cylindrical bamboo molding and forming fist-sized sphere, cylinder printing with bamboo typically sold apiece while printing to form such a fist-sized dots per kilogram sold. And most recently performed drying until moisture content below 17%.

Gambier quality is determined by processing the sap of leaves of Gambier and quality. Leaves of Gambier leaves should be treated that are not young and not too old. Because the Gambier leaves when young do not generate a lot of sap, and when too old leaves have a yellowish resin produced is not so qualified.

In the processing of the sap Gambier leaves, leaf picking accuracy and extortion leaves, cleaning processing equipment, compression and the drying environment and the influence of weather can affect the quality of Gambier, Gambier usually the time for drying conducted for one week.

Benefits of Patchouli (Pogestemon cablin Benth)

Patchouli (Pogestemon cablin Benth) is one of the essential oil crops. Patchouli oil has a strategic potential in the world market as a binder in the fragrant aroma of perfume and cosmetics. Patchouli oil export prospects is quite large in line with the increasing demand for perfumes and cosmetics, fashion trends and not the development of substitute materials in patchouli oil perfume and cosmetics industry.

Patchouli originated from tropical regions of Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia and Filipinos, as well as India, South America and China. In Indonesia, patchouli production centers in the province of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam and North Sumatra. As the largest producer of patchouli oil, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Province contributes 70% of national production.

Patchouli oil is one of the essential oils used in perfume industry, soap and cosmetics in addition it can also be used as a pesticide manufacturing plant. While the remaining waste from the distillation of a number ranging 40-50% of raw materials can be used as materials for incense, mosquito coils, and fertilizer plants or mulch. Furthermore, the water remaining after the distillation of patchouli oil is concentrated can still be used as an aroma therapy.

Patchouli oil is obtained from the distillation of the leaves, stems and branches of plants patchouli. The highest oil content contained in the leaves with alcohol patchauoly main content ranging between 30-50%. The aroma of fresh and distinctive and have a strong fixation power, difficult to be replaced by synthetic materials. The main importing countries are the United States, France, Britain, Germany, Holland, Japan and Australia.


Computer Games are Entertainment

Computer game is a computer program that consists of a virtual world controlled by a computer in which players can interact to achieve some goal. Because it is a game then its nature is a recreational activity with the aim of having fun, leisure and light activity that can be done alone or together.

Game Station have a unique consumer product the consumer compared to other services. Consumers are often referred to Game Station or gamers in the habit of spending money and time to play computer games together with her ​​friends in the time period long enough (4 hours). It is based to test the ability to play computer games or just spend leisure time together.

Person who likes to show off the ability to demonstrate that she can be better than his friends is the hallmark of a gamer or just feel lonely at home because there are no friends is a common reason given gamer that he is willing to spend much time in Game Station, although sometimes the gamers themselves have computer capable of playing the same game at Game Stations visited.

From this information, it is known personal factors and psychological factors are fairly dominant factor than other factors.

It required businesses to attract consumers

Ways to create and innovate to win the competition to capture the consumer requires the design of appropriate marketing strategies. For that, need an understanding of consumers and consumption processes that will produce a number of benefits, which include the ability to help managers to make decisions and provide the basic knowledge of marketing research when analyzing consumer.

Consumers have a position as one of the competitive strength through their bargaining power. Bargaining power of consumers is very important because it is they who have needs and desires.

To meet the needs that they, too, who have the means of purchase (time and money), make choices and take decisions to buy. Companies that fail to understand the needs, desires, tastes and consumer purchase decision process will fail in the marketing and sales company that did the opposite, namely to understand the needs, desires, tastes and consumer purchase decision process, called a customer driven Organization. This means that organizations are driven by an understanding of its customers.

Know and understand the ins and outs of consumer behavior are important to achieve competitive advantage. Companies that have a competitive advantage may affect consumers or prospects (potential customers) to firmly settle on a product.

Competitive strategy that requires a company to investigate the behavior of consumers as a whole has led the company knows how to give more satisfaction than that provided by competitors.

Marketers must look beyond the various factors that affect consumers and develop an understanding of how consumers make purchasing decisions to achieve success. Consumer behavior is influenced by cultural factors, social factors, personal factors and psychological factors of consumer. Most of these are factors that can not be controlled by marketers, but it should really be taken into account.
The role of these factors is different for different products. In other words, there is a dominant factor in the purchase of a product while other factors are less influential. By understanding consumer behavior through factors that affect consumers, companies are able to know its customers and satisfy its customers that its main purpose was to influence consumer decisions and retain customers and win the competition with its competitors.

Why the Acer

Acer is one of the companies involved in the laptop business, develop a range of innovations that can provide alternatives to consumer choice. Acer originally named Multitech, founded in 1976 by ​​Fred Lin, Ken Tai, Stan Shih, Carolyn Yeh and George Huang.

Initially Multitech an electronics industry that uses micro-processor technology, which later changed its name to Acer in 1978 and began to look at information technology and also computer. Previous Acer brand under famous brands such as Toshiba, HP / Compaq, IBM / Lenovo and Apple.

Acer is one of the companies on the rise, previously IT vendors from Taiwan is not a player who is too calculated in the competitive business notebook.

Acer certainly be an alternative choice for consumers who want to have a laptop. With a variety of designs, Acer is in demand by various groups, both the office until the student. Students are community groups that often and always keep up with technology. 
Acer is one option for students because of the diversity of design owned by Acer's laptops so that students can choose the laptop that fits your needs and desires. Besides a competitive price makes the Acer laptop as an attractive option

Preventing Malaria

Malaria as one of the infectious disease, is still a public health problem in many countries, especially developing countries. Based on WHO data, malaria was ranked fifth out of 10 major disease causes disability and death in the poorest countries in the world. These diseases not only cause health problems in society, but it has caused death, in addition to lowering the productivity of labor and other economic impacts.

The increase of malaria cases among others due to the high mobility of people and the many environmental changes that would expand or strongly suspected to be a brood of mosquitoes transmitting malaria in the region and that there may be a source of transmitters.

Various attempts to suppress the morbidity of malaria, among others, by the discovery of patients with active (Active Case Detection) using a rapid diagnostic tool Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) and treat everyone with the positive use of combination therapy with Artemicyn,

The problem of malaria is becoming increasingly difficult to overcome and is expected to be an obstacle to the success of health development, because the incidence of pain can take place repeatedly. A malaria patient may experience repeated attacks as much as 35-40 times over a period of 3-4 years.

Repeated attacks of malaria, among others, relating to the elimination of the parasitic phase of erythrocytes is not perfect because of inadequate treatment with drugs skizontisida blood, the reactivation form hipnozoit, low immune response or a reinfection with a new plasmodium.

The high incidence of relapse in patients with malaria, among others, influenced by the still low level of education and prevention attitudes and the search for treatments that are less good at the time of the incidence of malaria

Do not underestimate the disease of high blood

High blood disease known as hypertension is a disease that gets attention from all circles of society, considering the impacts, both short and long term and thus require a comprehensive long-term prevention and integrated. Hypertensive disease causing morbidity (illness) and mortality (death) is high.

Hypertension is known widely as part of cardiovascular disease. Estimated to have caused 4.5% of global disease burden and the prevalence are nearly as large in developing countries and in developed countries.

Hypertension is one of the major risk factors of heart problems. Besides resulting in heart failure, hypertension can result in kidney failure and cerebrovascular disease. Therefore, hypertension can lead to expensive medical costs due to the high number of physician visits, hospitalization and / or long-term drug use.

In most cases, hypertension is detected during a physical examination by reason of certain diseases, so it is often called the silent killer. Unwittingly, the patient experienced complications in vital organs like heart, brain or kidneys.

However the reality show in the United States even if only shows about 51-73% are aware of hypertension, of whom only about 31-55% treated, and only about 10-29% of their blood pressure controlled.

Noncompliance is the most frequent cause for failure of antihypertensive therapy. Hypertensive patients are usually asymptomatic and only diagnosed after undergoing a check-up before any signs of severe organ damage. Thus, therapy aimed to avoid the consequences of residual disease (which usually occurs later), instead of treating abnormalities in the patient at that time.

Side effects of drugs in connection with antihypertensive therapy can affect patients for the state behind the day. For example, ß-blockers lower libido and impotence in men, especially in middle age and elderly. Sexual function disorders caused by these drugs can lead to discontinuation of therapy patients.

So, should increase compliance with researching drugs or doses, both the reduction of side effects or side effects one study stated patients who discontinue anti-hypertensive therapy is five times more likely than a stroke.

Necessary efforts to improve patient adherence to drug therapy to achieve the desired blood pressure targets. At least 50% of patients prescribed antihypertensive drugs are not taking the medicine as recommended. The most effective strategy is a combination of strategies such as education, behavior modification and systems support. By helping patients to modify the pattern of life also can help patients achieve therapeutic goals.



Children are the future young generation is very valuable that will be instrumental in the development of future development so that national development can run smoothly then it must prepare the younger generation who really has the potential, because it is education and coaching for children to do the maximum.

But not all children can be educated in public schools. This is experienced by children with autism are children in the process of growth or development abnormalities or irregularities (a mental, intellectual, social, emotional)

School requires them to be able to communicate or interact with both inside and outside the classroom classes, but not all children understand or play alone, or could have a child who is too impulsive or hyperactive. Children are so susceptible to interference in the development, stunted in terms of communication or could have been talking for example, children with autism.

The presence of influential autism schools in providing comfort and safety for learners. Irregularities in brain development derived from the disturbance of the nervous system motor, making children easy tantrums (emotions) and can not control myself, so it takes special needs.

In addition to behavioral therapy (behavioral therapy), people with autism generally require medical treatment, i.e. drugs to cope with disturbances in brain cells, speech therapy, occupational therapist who trains daily activities and motor skills, as well as special education therapies to enhance the potential of children according to ability.
Therapy aims to reduce problem behaviors and enhance learning and communicating, so that the child be more independent. Early treatment is given, the results are better.

Slide Puzzle Game

Game program (game) is one of the implementation of computer science. The development of the game today was very rapidly and has become its own fashion in the world because the majority of computer users spend most of their time in front in the computer game program. 
One of the algorithms used to develop the game program is a tree-based algorithm the search space (searching algorithm). One game that uses a tree-based algorithm the search space to solve the slide puzzle game.

Slide Puzzle is a game of make a collage with the rules of a piece can only be removed by sliding it into the empty space (blank tile). This puzzle is a kind of puzzle that has a level of difficulty in solving the problem is very high compared to other types of puzzles. 
Most people who play this puzzle takes a long time in completing the game. This is because on a slide puzzle that no additional information has to help conduct the search for solutions, so that when the process of preparation of puzzle pieces puzzle structure originally occurred. To resolve the question in this game needed an effective search algorithm that can be applied.
Puzzle games including one of the types of educational games that can be used to train a person's ability to reason and logic.

Home Schooling

Principally on homeschooling education system is a family solely responsible for the education of their children using home as a base of education. Here, parents are actively responsible for their children's education process. Actively responsible for it means that the parents fully involved in the process of education, starting in determining the direction and goals of education, values that want to develop, intelligence and skills that would be achieved, curriculum and learning materials to learning methods and learning practices daily children.

The emergence of homeschooling based on a variety of different things for each family. However, parental concern for education schools at this time (which is not clear direction, a stressful child interaction, cost of education, demands a uniform behavior, number of hours is too much and full) was allegedly a major cause of a number of parents applying homeschooling education model this.

In addition, the characteristics of different children, which in the end some of them are experiencing feelings of distress when hanging out with friends in school, parents are also considered home school practitioners. There are quite a lot of kids are smarter than his friends ended up ostracized by her friends, but when given home education, these children become more developed aspects of intellectual, emotional, and social.

With home schooling, they felt free to be herself so that the curiosity and interest in learning becoming more widespread. Another consideration is the desire to do home education parents to equip children with certain values ​​(religion, spirituality, etc.) that may escape the attention of the public school curriculum and organizers.

The most fundamental difference between homeschooling children with school children in general, of course, associated with going to school. Homeschooling children do not need to go to school six days a week, they also do not know the variety of holiday-related education calendar, they do not wear uniforms, and they only undergo a test if they are following the model of homeschooling that work with the school.

Otherwise, children will not homeschooling exams like school children. Number of hours to learn their day is different from public school children, and what is taught may be different from those taught in public schools. With regard to the material, since the beginning of homeschooling is designed to meet the needs of children and their families, so the material is taught tailored to the interests and learning needs of children at the time.

Performance at Work

Performance is the result of the quality and quantity of work achieved by an employee in carrying out their duties in accordance with the responsibilities given to him. Performance is one of the media to evaluate and improve the performance of the employee's own, so that the required assessment system that supports the achievement of performance evaluation and improvement of performance.
Assessment of achievement of performance itself is an achievement employee performance appraisal process carried out systematically by business leaders who commissioned the work.
A company requires its employees to have creativity in their production activities. Company conducted an assessment of the performance achievements of its production employees and reward in the form of bonuses or incentives for employees who excel in his job as a motivation for employees to maintain its performance achievements. But along the way, the performance appraisal and incentives are not any longer with the company with the right target. The reason is the absence of criteria or rating factors that became clear performance of key points in the assessment of that performance.

During this performance assessment is based only on the basis of mutual cooperation and not on the work given to company employees, so the incentive is also given on the basis of cooperation or mutual aid without considering the achievement of performance generated by each employee.
An example is an employee with low performance due to lazy to work gets an appraisal and incentives as big as the other employees who have high productivity and achievement just because two employees are located in a working group of the same.
This situation of course would cause injustice to employees who excel with a lazy employee. And should the right of wage a person given to the person on the work he does.

In addition, the unavailability of draft performance assessment makes no systematic data on all the values ​​that have been granted to employees, making it difficult to accumulate the value of an employee based on performance criteria. Therefore, it takes an employee's performance appraisal system performance criteria or factors that have a clear assessment of performance so that performance appraisals are really based on the work of each employee.

There are six factors or criteria that can be used as a benchmark to measure the performance of employees, namely:
  - quality of work,
  - quantity of work,
  - knowledge
  - reliability
  - presence,
  - cooperation



The need for information today, demanding the mass media to always access the latest information continuously. Both of the print media, electronic media, the book industry and others. Many new things are growing rapidly due to the emergence of courage in expressing the things that needs to be conveyed to such information. Television as an audiovisual media has its own charm with moving images. Television is one of effective mass media for delivering messages to the audience. Therefore, audiences tend to use television as a means of entertainment, information and knowledge, thus making the information submitted is more interesting and pleasing its audience than other media. Speaking about the content of television, variety shows were presented by television to start a family.
Television as a product of advanced technology, growing rapidly in line with the changing times. Featured broadcasts led to many changes in society, because television has the properties of the medium, ie the messages conveyed have a fairly high power stimulation.

The mass media are extensions of human senses. Television is one of the mass media into a small window to watch the events away from the reach of our senses and which presents an imaginary film passing of time and space

Television has a function as a means of informative, persuasive, motivational, easy and understandable even television is used as an educational medium for coaching young people in order of nation and character building through programs that produced the show from the many television channels.

Human Behavior

Behavior is a movement that can be observed from the outside, like walking, bike riding, and riding motorcycles or cars. Although observations from outside the very least, the actual behavior of the body is behind the curtain, inside the human body. behavior is an activity or activities of organisms (living things) are concerned. Therefore, from a biological point of view of all living things from growing - plants, animals to humans behave, because they have their activities - each.

So is human behavior, is essentially a human act or activity from the man himself who has a vast expanse include: walking, talking, laughing, working, college, writing, reading and so on.
From the description above can be concluded that the intended behavior (humans) are all activities or human activities, both of which can be observed directly or that can not be observed outside parties.

Behavior can be divided into two namely:
a. Covered person's behavior is a response to the stimulus in the form of veiled or covered (covert). Response or reaction to stimulus is still limited to attention, perception, knowledge / awareness, and attitudes that occur can not be clearly observed by others.
b. One's overt behavior is a response to the stimulus in the form of action or open. The response to the stimulus is already evident in the form of action or practice.

Behavior is a form of stimulus response (stimulation from the outside). This means that although the form of stimulus is the same but the form the response will be different from everyone


Communication in English comes from the Latin communis, meaning "equal", communico, communication, or communicare which means "make similar" (to make-Common). The first term (communis) is a term most often used as the origin - of the word communication, which is the root of the word - Latin words that are similar. Communication suggests that a mind, a meaning or a message embraced equally.

The term science of communication is defined as an effort to formulate a way of skewering as precisely - precisely the principle - the principle of transmitting information as well as the formation of opinions and attitudes.

Communication can also be interpreted as a process of delivering a message by someone to someone else to inform or change the attitudes, opinions or behavior either directly or indirectly through the media.
The main purpose of communication study is to investigate how communication effects on a person, ie conditions that must be met if we want to evoke a response message that we want.

In any event communications, covering the five elements in it, that is a communicator, message, media, communicant, and effects. The definition of mass communication is defined as a type of communication addressed to some audience dispersed, heterogeneous, anonymous, through print and electronic media as the same message that can be accepted simultaneously and for a moment.

Television Programs for Children

Private televisions are competing to attract the attention of the audience, by presenting the broadcasts that interest the audience. For in the world of broadcasting laws apply, the number of viewers is directly proportional to income level.

Tight competition for viewers, the broadcast business forcing workers to work extra hard. Due to the positive impressions on television became extremely diverse, ranging from news programs, movies, soap operas, talk shows, quizzes and even gossip was packed into an entertainment program. 
The success of a program for delivering messages to the audience also reflects the success of a number of workers in the back of the screen. The ability of workers in their jobs is dependent on the completeness of the elements of art and technology adaptation. The combination of the two likely produce a quality program and compete with other arts and media technology.

Even programs can be focused on children. However, the program is not just a cartoon child who is merely entertaining. However, many children's program featuring elements of education with an attractive appearance. Since acquiring knowledge, children are not only pegged at school. Dora the explorer, sesame street, etc. are some of the many programs produced children at the television station.

The program is in the form of a child in such a way that uses high creativity to make children interested to see it. If they are interested, then the message in the event program can be easily obtained.

The Behavior

Child's behavior is actually formed and evolved through a process of communication. However, these communications not only through communication between parents and children. 
Many of the media can shape children's behavior, one of the mass media. Outside the family environment would contribute to the formation of the character of children. Children are easy to adopt and imitate what they see and hear them, including through the children's show on television. Where there are many messages being delivered. Formation of behavior does not happen by itself. Formation always takes place apart from human interaction it can last through the results of fruit culture such as television, radio, and others.

In adolescence, the behavior of individuals in this age begin to leave the role of children and trying to develop themselves as unique individuals and does not rely on the parents. The focus of this stage is the acceptance of shape and physical condition and the presence of strong conformity with friends his age. 
In addition, expanding knowledge results in the ideals and dreams of soaring. Critical attitude and questioning the truth of what is facing will drive or urge fantasy in order to achieve a realistic thoughts

S.O.R Theory

SOR theory as an abbreviation of the Stimulus-Organism-Response, it all comes from psychology. Material objects of psychology and communication is the same as the man whose soul include the components of attitudes, opinions, behavior, cognition and affection.

This theory is based the assumption that the cause of the behavior changes depending on the quality of the stimulus that communicates with the organism.The elements of this model is the message (stimulus), communicant (organism), effect (response).

Attitude change and depend on the processes that occur in individuals. The stimulus given to the organism can be accepted or rejected. If the next process stalled. This means that the stimulus is not effective in influencing the organism, then no attention (attention) of the organism.
If the stimulus is received by the organism means of communication and attention of the organism, in this case the effective stimulus and no response.

The next step is if the stimulus has gained the attention of the organism, the ability of this organism can continue the subsequent process. In the next step is the organism can receive both what has been processed so that it can happen willingness in changing attitudes.

In a change of attitude can be seen that attitudes can be changed only if the stimulus is given beyond the original stimulus. The change means that the stimulus given to convince the organism, and eventually can effectively change attitudes.

Changes in attitude is similar to the learning process. In studying the attitude that there are only three important variables that support the learning process that is caring, understanding, and acceptance.


Jeringau Plants (Acorus Calamus)

Jeringau Plants (jerangau, dlingo, Acorus Calamus) is a water plant, grows wild on the riverbanks, swamps and waterlogged land throughout the year.

By society, Jeringau cultivated plant in the gutter by the side of the house. At first glance Jeringau plant similar to Pandanus, but the leaves are smaller and grow straight like a sword.

Dark green leaf color and smooth surface. Stems of plants are in the mud of rhizome with roots of large fibers. Cross section of rhizome about 1 cm to 1.5 cm, while the roots of about 3 mm to 4 mm. Jointed rhizomes with buds on each segment. Rhizome length depends on age and level of friability sludge plant. At optimum growth, branching rhizomes and can Jeringau coiled 60 cm long.

Jeringau grow to form a colony of plants that the longer will be widened. Generative breeding can be done, but this will only happen in the near sub-tropical region. In the tropics, breeding Jeringau through rhizome buds that will grow into a vine and a new individual plant.

All parts of plants, ranging from leaves, rhizomes to the roots is very strong and distinctive smell Jeringau.

Jeringau plants is a plant that contains essential oils. Use of Calamus oil from for perfume, the pharmaceutical industry to flavor in a variety of beverages and tobacco brands.

Computer Technology

With the development of computer technology and communication today, a single computer model which serves the entire computing tasks an organization has now been replaced with a set of computers that separate but interconnected in carrying out their duties.

Networking is the connection between multiple computers, peripherals (Such as modems, printers) and other supporting equipment (eg telephone, fax) are interconnected with each other to be used in together. The number of computers, peripherals and other supporting equipment connected can vary from a minimum of 2 (two) units up to several hundred units. Any equipment that is connected to each other in the sense network referred to as a Node.

Physical technology of a computer network can be classified on two (2) parts, namely:

1. Local Area Network (LAN) is a network in which the relationshipthere is only limited to one location, for example in a building. Media liaison that is used is usually a cable.

2. Wide Area Network (WAN) is a separate network by a very wide area, for example between cities or even between countries. Communication that occurs between these networks is done through media phones, satellites, and can also be used transmissions micro.

The benefits to be gained by making computer networks, among others, namely:

1. Provide the opportunity for computer users to use of resources together, such as the use printer or use the shared Internet connection.

2. Optimizing the use of the device so that the achievement of efficiencies such as no need for each computer is equipped with a printer due to the network so that 2 (two) or more computers can use 1 (one) printer.

3. Communication between different operating systems so that unnecessary in a computer network they had to use the operating system the same.


AIDS is a disease that will surely bring death so prevention is that prevention efforts should primarily be done. Prevention efforts that can be done are:

1. Prevention of transmission through non-sexual:
    - Blood transfusions can be prevented in this way by conducting 
      examinations of blood donors so that HIV-free blood is transfused.
    - Transmission of AIDS through injection by doctor paramedics can be 
       prevented by sterilization efforts are raw or use disposable syringes.

2. Prevention of transmission through sexual
This transmission can be done with education / counseling intensive aimed at changing the way of life and sexual behavior, because virtually every individual is potentially sex offender. This potential reaches its peak in adolescence and requires a distribution until a person reaches old age. The existence of false information in the lives of teenagers who think that masturbation is more sinful than intercourse so many teenagers are falling prey to channel their sexual desire in women prostitutes, so prone to give up contracting AIDS. Counseling should be done to mitigate them to provide correct information about AIDS.
Besides prevention efforts that can be done by reducing sexual partners, monogamy, avoidance of sexual relations with prostitutes, having sexual relationships with patients or suspected of having AIDS and abandon the use of condoms.

3. Prevention of mother and child
Prevention efforts could be made in this transmission is to advise women who suffer from AIDS or HIV positive not to get pregnant. In this study, the respondents are high school student or teenager who is the successor of the nation, then the real action that can be done in AIDS prevention, among others: 

1. Avoid and prevent the spread of AIDS in yourself, family and age groups.
2. Take security precautions for yourself, family and group of the possibility 
    of HIV contamination.
3. Behave in charge with:
    - Abstaining from sex before marriage
    - Not having sexual relations with a group of high risk of contracting AIDS
    - No use of shared needles / alternate
    - No violation of religious norms, the prevailing culture in society
    - No use of illegal drugs / narcotics

Benefits of vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits are healthy and nutritious food. Vegetables and fruits contain many vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A in carrots, vitamin C in oranges, the iron in spinach, and much more content in vegetables and fruits are beneficial to human health.

Vegetable and fruit can be consumed in two ways, namely through the cooking process and are not. Vegetables mostly consumed after cooking, although there are some vegetables that are not through the cooking process such as lettuce, basil, and others. While the fruit is more widely consumed without going through cooking process, although there are some fruits that are consumed after cooking processes such as pumpkin, carrots, and others. Vegetables and fruits have benefits for human health, including the foster child's body, maintaining healthy organs of the body, increase endurance, boost circulation, and so on.

In addition to health, good for vegetable and fruit diet. Many women who use vegetable and fruit as a healthy diet. This is because the fiber contained in fruits and vegetables delay the person's hunger. The hunger was delayed because the fibers contained by the vegetables and fruits can not be digested by the body so it will occupy space in the stomach. The space occupied by fruits and vegetables causes a person will feel full so the fruits and vegetables to the diet either as it also contains vitamins and minerals that are good for health.

The benefits contained by vegetables and fruits are very much not only for health but also for beauty. But even so, there are still a large number of people who do not love vegetables and fruits, especially green vegetables. The factors that cause fruits and vegetables are less preferred procedure for presenting some of them that do not vary, the taste of certain vegetables or fruits that are less preferred, a less attractive form of presentation, taste vegetable fiber, etc.

Dental Caries

Dental caries is actually derived from the Latin word meaning a cavity and is characterized by destruction of email and progressive dentin caused by the metabolic activity of plaque bacteria. Dental caries is a disease characterized by dental tissue to tissue damage, starting from the tooth surface (pits, fissures and interproximal areas) extends toward the pulp. Dental caries can be experienced by everyone and can occur in one or more tooth surfaces of teeth, for example: from email to the dentine or pulp.

There are so many factors that influence the occurrence of dental caries. Here are some things that can affect the occurrence of dental caries in humans:
- Offspring
- Race
- Gender
- Age
- Food
- Chemical Elements
- Spit (saliva)
- Plaque

Caries occurs due to a series of processes that occur during some period of time. Caries is a multifactorial disease that is the multiple factors that cause the formation of caries. There are four main factors that play a role of host factors or host, agent, or microorganisms, substrate and time factors. Four general strategies that are key in preventing dental caries, namely:

1. Maintaining oral hygiene.
Good oral hygiene includes brushing your teeth before or after breakfast and before bed at night and clean the plaque with dental floss (flossing) every day. Rubbing teeth on edge to prevent the formation of dental caries and flossing do in between teeth that can not be achieved by a toothbrush.

2. Food.
Reduce consumption of sugary foods. Rinse his mouth after eating sugary foods will eliminate sugar, but more effective way is by brushing your teeth.

3. Fluor.
Fluorine causes tooth, especially email, resistant to acids that cause caries formation. Very effective to consume fluoride when teeth are growing and hardening, ie until the age of 11 years. More recommended if using a toothpaste containing fluoride.
4. Antibacterial therapy.
Some people have the bacteria that cause decay are very active in his mouth. Parents can transmit the bacteria to her child through kissing. Bacteria grow in the child's mouth after the first tooth erupts and then can cause caries. Because it is a tendency that tooth decay occurs in a single family, does not necessarily indicate oral hygiene and bad eating habits.

S.W.O.T Analysis

SWOT ("strength", "weakness", "opportunity", and "threat" ) Analysis is a strategic planning method used to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in a project or a business venture.

SWOT is used to understand a real condition or position of object being analyzed. This process involves determining the specific objectives of the business venture or project and identifying the internal and external factors that support and are not in achieving that goal.

Many activities of a program or project carried on without considering the real conditions encountered. Rely solely on habit wished, a designer or team activities suddenly bringing forth the results program or project design. With a picture of the success of a program or project that will achieve it, then the necessary budget so great as if not a thing that can be barriers at a later date. So it comes time of preparation, all starting with the mess. Implementation process was not controlled. The designer will be enraged if the process is a lot of obstacles. later in the final stage of evaluation, all in color it with disappointment.

Given the importance of the environment by means of a SWOT analysis of this, it is expected that the activities are designed to fit with the capabilities as well as the challenges and opportunities in the face. If the results of this SWOT analysis can be broken down properly and integral with the objectives to be achieved, then the results of SWOT analysis can be used to understand the competitive advantage of an institution or company, even individuals.