Home Schooling

Principally on homeschooling education system is a family solely responsible for the education of their children using home as a base of education. Here, parents are actively responsible for their children's education process. Actively responsible for it means that the parents fully involved in the process of education, starting in determining the direction and goals of education, values that want to develop, intelligence and skills that would be achieved, curriculum and learning materials to learning methods and learning practices daily children.

The emergence of homeschooling based on a variety of different things for each family. However, parental concern for education schools at this time (which is not clear direction, a stressful child interaction, cost of education, demands a uniform behavior, number of hours is too much and full) was allegedly a major cause of a number of parents applying homeschooling education model this.

In addition, the characteristics of different children, which in the end some of them are experiencing feelings of distress when hanging out with friends in school, parents are also considered home school practitioners. There are quite a lot of kids are smarter than his friends ended up ostracized by her friends, but when given home education, these children become more developed aspects of intellectual, emotional, and social.

With home schooling, they felt free to be herself so that the curiosity and interest in learning becoming more widespread. Another consideration is the desire to do home education parents to equip children with certain values ​​(religion, spirituality, etc.) that may escape the attention of the public school curriculum and organizers.

The most fundamental difference between homeschooling children with school children in general, of course, associated with going to school. Homeschooling children do not need to go to school six days a week, they also do not know the variety of holiday-related education calendar, they do not wear uniforms, and they only undergo a test if they are following the model of homeschooling that work with the school.

Otherwise, children will not homeschooling exams like school children. Number of hours to learn their day is different from public school children, and what is taught may be different from those taught in public schools. With regard to the material, since the beginning of homeschooling is designed to meet the needs of children and their families, so the material is taught tailored to the interests and learning needs of children at the time.

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