Among medical experts recognized two types of abortion (miscarriage) that is spontaneous abortion and artificial abortion.

Spontaneous abortion is a natural mechanism that causes the interruption of the pregnancy before the age of 28 weeks. The cause may be due to the illness of the mother or other causes which are generally associated with abnormalities in the reproductive system.

As with the abortion, artificial abortion with this type of a deliberate effort to terminate the pregnancy before the age of 28 weeks, where fetuses (products of conception) issued an unbiased survive in the outside world.

Artificial abortion, if viewed from the aspect of law can be classified into two categories namely:

1. Abortion made ​​legal
Which abortions are performed according to the terms and in ways that are justified by the law. Popular also called provocatus therapcutius abortion, because the very basic reason for doing so is to save the life / cure of the mother.

2. Abortion made ​​illegal
Namely abortion whose purpose other than to save / heal the mother, performed by staff who are incompetent and not qualified and the means justified by the law.

This type of abortion is often also called provocatus criminalis abortion, because it contains elements of criminal or crime.

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