Computer Technology

With the development of computer technology and communication today, a single computer model which serves the entire computing tasks an organization has now been replaced with a set of computers that separate but interconnected in carrying out their duties.

Networking is the connection between multiple computers, peripherals (Such as modems, printers) and other supporting equipment (eg telephone, fax) are interconnected with each other to be used in together. The number of computers, peripherals and other supporting equipment connected can vary from a minimum of 2 (two) units up to several hundred units. Any equipment that is connected to each other in the sense network referred to as a Node.

Physical technology of a computer network can be classified on two (2) parts, namely:

1. Local Area Network (LAN) is a network in which the relationshipthere is only limited to one location, for example in a building. Media liaison that is used is usually a cable.

2. Wide Area Network (WAN) is a separate network by a very wide area, for example between cities or even between countries. Communication that occurs between these networks is done through media phones, satellites, and can also be used transmissions micro.

The benefits to be gained by making computer networks, among others, namely:

1. Provide the opportunity for computer users to use of resources together, such as the use printer or use the shared Internet connection.

2. Optimizing the use of the device so that the achievement of efficiencies such as no need for each computer is equipped with a printer due to the network so that 2 (two) or more computers can use 1 (one) printer.

3. Communication between different operating systems so that unnecessary in a computer network they had to use the operating system the same.

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