The ability to read at an Early Age

The ability to read is the basis for mastering a variety of fields of study. If school-age children at the beginning did not immediately have the ability to read, then the child will experience many difficulties in studying the various fields of study at the next class.

Children must learn to read to reading to learn. Reading is an appropriate means to promote a life-long learning. By teaching the children how to read it means giving the child a future that gives a technique how to explore the "world" which was selected and provides an opportunity to get a purpose in life.

Reading lessons in children must consider many factors, including adjustments to the ability of the child, the child's interest and the factors that influence the process of learning to read. Many teachers and parents who are less and not even realize the importance of these factors, especially the effective methods to teach reading to children age kindergarten. Giving the wrong method can lead to disruption of the psychological development of children. Teaching in Kindergarten should pay attention to aspects of cognition, motivation, values ​​and development of sensing students.

The material is taught in kindergarten should be more emphasized the significance of learning for children, it means learning activities undertaken by children is the real activity of life which enables children to carry out activities according to their talents, interests and abilities. Children are not forced to do activities the same education regardless of the uniqueness of every individual.

The best time to learn to read at about the same time with the children learn to speak, where the sensitivity occurs in a lifespan of three (3) to five (5) years, when the child's ability to learn to read being on top. This is due to the psychological fact almost no difference between reading the words spoken by learning to read words written, the difference is, the words of greeting to the ears of children through sound waves while the form of written words via light waves .

One of the ways to learn is with images that are used with the aim of making children interested in learning to be given, because children are usually easily attracted by a variety of images.

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