Being a Reliable Employee

Each company is now to be able to compete in order to sustain its existence. Good quality of work created by reliable human resources. Therefore every employee should strive to become a reliable employee. One of the problems must be faced by everyone in work life is stressful to be overcome, either by their own employees without the help of others, or with the help of other parties such as specialists provided by the organization where the employees work.

Stress is not managed properly usually results in a person's inability to interact positively with their environment, both in the work environment as well as outside it. This means that the employee will face a variety of negative symptoms, which in turn affects the quality of work.

Experts say that job stress can arise as a result of pressure or tension that comes from disharmony between a man and his environment. In other words, if the facilities and guidance tasks are not in tune with the needs and abilities, he will experience job stress.

Basically, many sources of stress can be classified, which originated from work and from individuals. Various things can become sources of stress stemming from work (organization) also varied as a too heavy workload and time pressure and others.

The situation outside the work environment (individuals) can also be a source of stress. The various problems faced by someone, such as problems family problems and others are examples of sources of stress.

Various symptoms of job stress in general can be classified in two categories: psychological and behavioral. Psychological symptoms of stress of work can be seen from the changes in metabolism, accelerates the heartbeat, shortness of breath, increased blood pressure and headaches easily. Symptoms of work stress which includes both the behavioral changes in quality, often forgotten, dietary changes, feelings of restlessness and irritability.

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