Not just a regular profession

Discussion of criteria for a profession is an important discussion, because by knowing the criteria for a profession we can measure the extent to which an area of ​​expertise can be said as a profession. By knowing the position of the profession, we can find out shortcomings and-Things are problems faced by the profession.

A profession has basically the framework of knowledge, skill framework of values ​​and a systematic framework. Framework of knowledge, values ​​and skills are taught through formal education. This is what distinguishes a profession with non-professional

1. Knowledge Framework (Body of Knowledge)

In providing services to clients should use the scientific knowledge that has been verified. Knowledge is generally produced from research or practice that has been tested for accuracy and truth

2. Value Framework (Body of Value)

The concept much discussed in the literature value of the work, because the value has a profound influence in carrying out the work practices. Job in carrying out his duties affected by the values.

The source value of the work can basically be grouped into:

a. Values ​​of society
Work practices are always based on community values, because the profession of work to get the mission to implement most of the functions of society.

b. Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct is the formulation of guidance about behavior that is considered good and which need to be shown by members of the profession in carrying out his duties.

c. Agency Purpose
Workers should follow the rules that apply in the institution where the worker is working.

d. Theory
The theory is considered good if it can function as a value. Any theory of a profession have value.

3. Skills Framework (Body of skill)

Profession not only discusses theory but rather related to the implementation or practice. Application of a theory or knowledge needed skills, so that every profession should require skill. Skill is a blend of Body of Knowledge and the Body of value. Skills is an important component in the framework of reference work. Because skills in principle is a tool to integrate the knowledge and value framework.

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