Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is one health problem, especially in infants and children, because of its chronic recidivist, so it can affect the quality of life of patients. Atopic dermatitis is most common in infants, but can also in children and adults. In most patients,

Atopic dermatitis is the first clinical manifestation of atopy, and many of them later will develop asthma and allergic rhinitis. Although genetic predisposition is one of the most important risk factor, but the increasing prevalence of atopic dermatitis in industrialized countries suggests that environmental factors (exposure to microbes and nutrients) also have an important role.
The etiology of atopic dermatitis is not definitely known, but the atopic dermatitis is due to the interaction between genetic, environmental, skin barrier effects and immune system. The main symptom of atopic dermatitis is itching. Itching is a major problem during sleep, when conscious control of scratching is lost. For infants, atopic dermatitis can lead to unhappy circumstances and disrupted by irritation in the area of ​​skin accompanied by intense itching, scratching, until the occurrence of infection. All this can make the baby becomes fussy, feeding process to be disrupted, and ultimately will affect the growth process.

There is no total cure for atopic dermatitis, but the symptoms tend to diminish with the passage of age. Of all infants with atopic dermatitis, only a third of cases still continue to experience disease recurrence until childhood.

It is also found in those still suffering from atopic dermatitis in childhood, only about one-third of cases continued to adolescence. Most people experience periods of remission and periods of relapse of this disease for many years.

Factors that can cause persistent atopic dermatitis, among others, a history of family members who suffer from atopic dermatitis, the picture is more widespread disease in early life and the presence of asthma or allergic rhinitis which occur simultaneously


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