Female Entrepreneurship

Many sectors of life where women are free to work and compete with men, may be mentioned entrepreneurship (entrepreneurship), as one of choice for a woman to prove herself that she could try is to create small businesses. Already very many women who become entrepreneurs from the very micro level, small, medium, and large, with a view to helping her husband meet the economic needs of families, to factor independence, or as a realization of the knowledge gained while undergoing education.

An entrepreneur is not motivated primarily by financial incentives, but by a desire to escape from an environment that is not appropriate, in addition to finding new meaning to his life.

Female entrepreneurial motivation factor is that The Feminist Refugee women who felt he had to get discriminatory treatment compared to men, both in the educational system, corporate environment, as well as in society, will try to prove that he was able to establish his own company.
While other motivating factor is The Housewife refugee ie the housewives who were initially busy raising children and the household will try to help her husband financially because of the needs of children are growing up increasingly large.

Women should choose a business that is preferred to the risk of loss can be reduced. This is important because in their business so completely to understand that they do business.

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