Understanding of management and their functions

Management of the word comes from Old French “ménagement”, which has the meaning of art implement and manage. Management does not have an established definition and universally accepted. The word probably comes from the management of Italian (1561) “maneggiare” which means "control," especially "to control a horse" is derived from the Latin “manus” which means "hand".

This word gets “manège” influence of the French language meaning "ownership horse "(which comes from the English language that means the art of controlling a horse), Britain is also where the term comes from Italian.

Management is a process or framework, which involves guidance or direction of a group of people towards organizational goals or intentions are real.

From the above explanation shows that management is a state made up of the process shown by the line refers to the process of planning, organizing, leadership, and control, which is the fourth process has the function of each individual to achieve an organization's goals.

Management Functions

Management functions are the basic elements that will always exist, and inherent in the management process that will be used as a reference by the manager in carrying out activities to achieve goals.

1. Planning

Planning is to figure out what to do with the resources they have.
Planning is done to determine the overall corporate objectives and how best to meet that goal. Managers evaluating various alternative plans before taking action and then see if the plan chosen suitable and can be used to meet corporate objectives. Planning is the most important of all because without a plan of management functions, other functions can not walk.

2. Organizing

Organizing is done with the aim of dividing an activity into the activities of smaller ones. Facilitate organizing and supervising managers in determining the person required to carry out tasks that have divided them. Organizing can be done by determining what tasks should be done, who should do it, how the tasks are grouped, who is responsible for the task, at which level decisions should be taken.

3. Direction

Direction is an action to see to it that all members of the group trying to reach the target in accordance with managerial and business planning.

4. Controlling

Controlling is one of the functions of management conducted an assessment, if necessary, make corrections, so what do subordinates can be directed to the right path with a view to the goals outlined previously.

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