S.W.O.T Analysis

SWOT ("strength", "weakness", "opportunity", and "threat" ) Analysis is a strategic planning method used to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in a project or a business venture.

SWOT is used to understand a real condition or position of object being analyzed. This process involves determining the specific objectives of the business venture or project and identifying the internal and external factors that support and are not in achieving that goal.

Many activities of a program or project carried on without considering the real conditions encountered. Rely solely on habit wished, a designer or team activities suddenly bringing forth the results program or project design. With a picture of the success of a program or project that will achieve it, then the necessary budget so great as if not a thing that can be barriers at a later date. So it comes time of preparation, all starting with the mess. Implementation process was not controlled. The designer will be enraged if the process is a lot of obstacles. later in the final stage of evaluation, all in color it with disappointment.

Given the importance of the environment by means of a SWOT analysis of this, it is expected that the activities are designed to fit with the capabilities as well as the challenges and opportunities in the face. If the results of this SWOT analysis can be broken down properly and integral with the objectives to be achieved, then the results of SWOT analysis can be used to understand the competitive advantage of an institution or company, even individuals.

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