Definition of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the people who are good or talented identify new products, determine new ways of production, develop new products to conduct operations, manage its operations and market capitalization. Entrepreneurial leads to people doing business / activities themselves with all the capabilities it has. While entrepreneurship refers to the mental attitude of an entrepreneur who owned the conduct of business / activities. Entrepreneurship viewed from existing resources within it is someone who brings the resources of labor, materials, and other assets in a combination that adds greater value than ever before and are also attached to the people who bring about change, innovation, and new rules.

Entrepreneurship in the sense of a dynamic process is a process of entrepreneurship is the creation by adding value to something that is achieved through hard work and time by estimating the funding support, physical and social risks, and will receive a reward in the form of financial and personal satisfaction and independence.

Someone who did an important job to get attention by the local community. Main attention is now also living the life and no longer borne by others including parents. Doing something that is unpopular is one characteristic of young children, many of which do business on the grounds just for fun or just for fun. Starting from a hobby and pleasure, and began work on the business into something more serious. By undergoing something of fun, it can be a boost to the development of business.

Although initially only done to satisfy the pent hobbies, unnoticed, the pleasures of doing business is conducted can make money. Just for fun, but can Produce the money.

Business done by young people in harnessing their potential is something enviable. At a relatively young age of many that have been able to work to support themselves. The youth work, be creative and full of fresh ideas, youth is a pity if passed without any work whatsoever.

Any attempted something like there would be risks. The greater the results to be achieved, of the possible risks that would be experienced if too big to fail. People who dare to take risks is a successful candidate. Do not be afraid of failure, but failure to make it as a stepping stone to success.


Understanding Business Planning

Planning is everything before the determination of the activities and the activities to be implemented. Manager of business planning function includes the selection of a variety of alternative goals, strategies, policies, and tactics that will be executed. Clearly these efforts are making decisions that affect the running of the company in times to come. This decision process should be scientific, i.e.


Understanding of management and their functions

Management of the word comes from Old French “ménagement”, which has the meaning of art implement and manage. Management does not have an established definition and universally accepted. The word probably comes from the management of Italian (1561) “maneggiare” which means "control," especially "to control a horse" is derived from the Latin “manus” which means "hand".

This word gets “manège” influence of the French language meaning "ownership horse "(which comes from the English language that means the art of controlling a horse), Britain is also where the term comes from Italian.