Things to remember when buying a home.

Human needs based on three things: food, clothing, and shelter, because it needed all the time for humans to continue to thrive. This study addresses one of the factors of individual needs that could be considered large but necessary that the board or the house.

The need for the home is necessary because as a human shelter. The house needed by every strata of society because it has become a primary need for shelter. The house is the stuff that is needed by humans, so everyone is trying their best to get home.

Housing serves not only as a residence only, heat and shelter from the rain but the function is growing and can become family recreation. The house is expected to provide an atmosphere of life is safe, peaceful, and prosperous and be in a healthy environment. Besides the need to have a nice home, healthy and beautiful is the prestige of the homeowner.

The process of purchasing a specific sequence of events consisting of the following: recognition of need, information search, alternative evaluation, purchase decision and post purchase behavior. The process of home buying by consumers should consider several factors i.e. price, personal income, location and amenities of housing, so consumers really satisfied with the decision and right of purchase.

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