The introduction to the need for consumer products

The introduction to the need for consumer products are beginning the process of decision-making. The need to communicate is a very important thing in human life. Due to the absence of communication, humans can not perform as well as interaction with fellow human beings with other living creatures. In addition, communication is required as a socialization process so as to be able to launch the process of communication is necessary to a device as an intermediary in communicating.

Intermediaries may be something that is natural as the senses possessed by humans, or something made ​​by humans, such as cellular telephone technology (cell phones). Mobile phones will support the activities become more effective and efficient because of space and time no longer be an obstacle to perform daily activities. Wishes of the people in choosing a cell phone as the community grows in an environment that has developed a set of cell phone technology with an understanding and consumer value. Given the cultural relations in society makes of mobile phone users increasingly crowded.

Almost everyone is constantly interacting with other people who are directly or indirectly will affect their buying decisions. Cultural society that likes to try new things and follow the trends used by mobile phone manufacturers are aggressively launching new products of high tech.

Consumers have different personalities so that decisions made in choosing a cell phone any different as there are consumers who like high tech phones that since according to lifestyles. Selection of mobile phones is also influenced by one's economic condition. Consumers would consider buying an expensive phone if it has enough revenue.

Individuals who have needs, desires and wishes, will form a behavior that he hoped would satisfy the needs. Thus will lead to a more pleasant circumstances in him.

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