It required businesses to attract consumers

Ways to create and innovate to win the competition to capture the consumer requires the design of appropriate marketing strategies. For that, need an understanding of consumers and consumption processes that will produce a number of benefits, which include the ability to help managers to make decisions and provide the basic knowledge of marketing research when analyzing consumer.

Consumers have a position as one of the competitive strength through their bargaining power. Bargaining power of consumers is very important because it is they who have needs and desires.

To meet the needs that they, too, who have the means of purchase (time and money), make choices and take decisions to buy. Companies that fail to understand the needs, desires, tastes and consumer purchase decision process will fail in the marketing and sales company that did the opposite, namely to understand the needs, desires, tastes and consumer purchase decision process, called a customer driven Organization. This means that organizations are driven by an understanding of its customers.

Know and understand the ins and outs of consumer behavior are important to achieve competitive advantage. Companies that have a competitive advantage may affect consumers or prospects (potential customers) to firmly settle on a product.

Competitive strategy that requires a company to investigate the behavior of consumers as a whole has led the company knows how to give more satisfaction than that provided by competitors.

Marketers must look beyond the various factors that affect consumers and develop an understanding of how consumers make purchasing decisions to achieve success. Consumer behavior is influenced by cultural factors, social factors, personal factors and psychological factors of consumer. Most of these are factors that can not be controlled by marketers, but it should really be taken into account.
The role of these factors is different for different products. In other words, there is a dominant factor in the purchase of a product while other factors are less influential. By understanding consumer behavior through factors that affect consumers, companies are able to know its customers and satisfy its customers that its main purpose was to influence consumer decisions and retain customers and win the competition with its competitors.

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