Determining a Decision

The decision is defined as the selection of an act of two or more alternative choice. The decision to purchase by a consumer of a product begins with the awareness of the needs of buyers will be any problems. 
Consumers realize that there is a difference between the actual conditions with the desired conditions. This has led to active consumers looking for more information to find products that interest. After obtaining and evaluating information before a consumer will decide to buy a product that fits their wants and needs.

Before the decision was taken, someone will be faced with a decision process consisting of problem recognition, information search, alternative evaluation, purchase and after-purchase customer.

Product, price, place and promotion are an important thing that has always considered by consumers in the decision to buy a product. Typically a consumer will find out in advance about the product to buy. How is the quality of the product, whether the brand has been known or not, or how the packaging or the shape of the product, whether it is in accordance with consumer tastes or not. 
After that the consumer will consider the price of the product, whether the price offered is in conformity with the satisfaction to be gained from buying the product. Places are also taken into consideration in deciding on a purchase consumers. Typically consumers will love the comfortable places and their locations easy to find. 
Promotion is a means for manufacturers to introduce to consumers the benefits of its products and also as a means of information for consumers. Consumer purchasing decisions will usually happen to buy the most preferred brand, but the purchase decision could be influenced by several factors including the quality of the product, the price is more expensive or cheaper than competitors' products, the brand is well known by the public as well as promotion performed by the company so that consumers know and understand the benefits of these products.

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