AIDS is a disease that will surely bring death so prevention is that prevention efforts should primarily be done. Prevention efforts that can be done are:

1. Prevention of transmission through non-sexual:
    - Blood transfusions can be prevented in this way by conducting 
      examinations of blood donors so that HIV-free blood is transfused.
    - Transmission of AIDS through injection by doctor paramedics can be 
       prevented by sterilization efforts are raw or use disposable syringes.

2. Prevention of transmission through sexual
This transmission can be done with education / counseling intensive aimed at changing the way of life and sexual behavior, because virtually every individual is potentially sex offender. This potential reaches its peak in adolescence and requires a distribution until a person reaches old age. The existence of false information in the lives of teenagers who think that masturbation is more sinful than intercourse so many teenagers are falling prey to channel their sexual desire in women prostitutes, so prone to give up contracting AIDS. Counseling should be done to mitigate them to provide correct information about AIDS.
Besides prevention efforts that can be done by reducing sexual partners, monogamy, avoidance of sexual relations with prostitutes, having sexual relationships with patients or suspected of having AIDS and abandon the use of condoms.

3. Prevention of mother and child
Prevention efforts could be made in this transmission is to advise women who suffer from AIDS or HIV positive not to get pregnant. In this study, the respondents are high school student or teenager who is the successor of the nation, then the real action that can be done in AIDS prevention, among others: 

1. Avoid and prevent the spread of AIDS in yourself, family and age groups.
2. Take security precautions for yourself, family and group of the possibility 
    of HIV contamination.
3. Behave in charge with:
    - Abstaining from sex before marriage
    - Not having sexual relations with a group of high risk of contracting AIDS
    - No use of shared needles / alternate
    - No violation of religious norms, the prevailing culture in society
    - No use of illegal drugs / narcotics

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