Development of Business Ideas for women

Women in starting a business should do 3 (three) terms, that is originated from a small scale, willing to learn marketing, and change the mentality to be socially active. On the other hand, the risk in managing a business is time-consuming. Therefore, skill in dividing time between business and family affairs should be maintained properly. Regarding the location of the business, it is suggested should not be far from their homes so the timing was not exhausted outside and women should choose the type of business that does away with the preferred activity.

Women tend to choose a hobby business in accordance with women entrepreneurs to start a business. Beauty salon business is one of the alternatives preferred by women, because women generally like to take care of their hair and bodies. This phenomenon is evidenced by the number of existing salons in major streets and in alleys.

Beauty salon business is a service business that provides services of a woman or man's hair cut, makeup and a place to take care of themselves. Beauty salon is one of the businesses in the informal form. The informal sector is very helpful community interest in providing employment to self employment or a safety belt for workers entering the labor market, in addition to providing the needs of lower middle class society.

In general, the informal sector is often considered more able to survive than other business sectors. This can occur because of the informal sector is relatively more independent or not depends on the other hand, especially in relation to capital and better able to adapt its business

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