Understanding of Gender

Biologically there is a difference between men and women, both in terms of chromosomes, hormonal, physical, and chemical makeup. These biological differences are referred to as the gender of men and women. While the difference psychologically between men and women termed gender roles.

Understanding of gender in general associated with biological sex, gender or mean as: sexual classification; sex: the male and female gender. Stating the female sex and men as form the basis of biological classification system is called gender.

Traditionally, most of the traits and behaviors that are associated with so-called gender biological sex. However, gender is now viewed more as a 'constructed by social reality' as women and men. Thus, gender not only refers to biological sex, but also descriptions of psychological, social and cultural as well as the specific characteristics associated with the biological categories of female and male.

In the area of ​​psychology is more use of the term gender to gender in studying the personal behavior of women and men in a social context. Separating between sex and gender, with the understanding that gender is a social construction. Defined as biological gender are differences in genetic.

As with other mammalian species that have two biological forms of the women and men, as well as the people in it consists of women and men laiki, human babies said to be women and men at the time of his birth, based on the genitals they have.

It is important to distinguish between sex and gender (although it is often used to both simultaneously), due to: equating sex and gender can redirect the belief that differences in behavioral traits and the concept of sex and gender helps us to analyze the complex relationship between sex and gender in our lives. Everyone has their own roles in society. Among these roles, including roles based on sex, so-called gender roles. Since a person is born, the environment has started to prepare a child for behavior deemed appropriate environment for women and men

Through a variety of definitions can be concluded that gender roles are a series of personality attributes that include attitudes and behavior patterns that are considered suitable for men or groups possess, characteristics associated with feminine and masculine in accordance with the expected community.

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