Performance at Work

Performance is the result of the quality and quantity of work achieved by an employee in carrying out their duties in accordance with the responsibilities given to him. Performance is one of the media to evaluate and improve the performance of the employee's own, so that the required assessment system that supports the achievement of performance evaluation and improvement of performance.
Assessment of achievement of performance itself is an achievement employee performance appraisal process carried out systematically by business leaders who commissioned the work.
A company requires its employees to have creativity in their production activities. Company conducted an assessment of the performance achievements of its production employees and reward in the form of bonuses or incentives for employees who excel in his job as a motivation for employees to maintain its performance achievements. But along the way, the performance appraisal and incentives are not any longer with the company with the right target. The reason is the absence of criteria or rating factors that became clear performance of key points in the assessment of that performance.

During this performance assessment is based only on the basis of mutual cooperation and not on the work given to company employees, so the incentive is also given on the basis of cooperation or mutual aid without considering the achievement of performance generated by each employee.
An example is an employee with low performance due to lazy to work gets an appraisal and incentives as big as the other employees who have high productivity and achievement just because two employees are located in a working group of the same.
This situation of course would cause injustice to employees who excel with a lazy employee. And should the right of wage a person given to the person on the work he does.

In addition, the unavailability of draft performance assessment makes no systematic data on all the values ​​that have been granted to employees, making it difficult to accumulate the value of an employee based on performance criteria. Therefore, it takes an employee's performance appraisal system performance criteria or factors that have a clear assessment of performance so that performance appraisals are really based on the work of each employee.

There are six factors or criteria that can be used as a benchmark to measure the performance of employees, namely:
  - quality of work,
  - quantity of work,
  - knowledge
  - reliability
  - presence,
  - cooperation

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