The Behavior

Child's behavior is actually formed and evolved through a process of communication. However, these communications not only through communication between parents and children. 
Many of the media can shape children's behavior, one of the mass media. Outside the family environment would contribute to the formation of the character of children. Children are easy to adopt and imitate what they see and hear them, including through the children's show on television. Where there are many messages being delivered. Formation of behavior does not happen by itself. Formation always takes place apart from human interaction it can last through the results of fruit culture such as television, radio, and others.

In adolescence, the behavior of individuals in this age begin to leave the role of children and trying to develop themselves as unique individuals and does not rely on the parents. The focus of this stage is the acceptance of shape and physical condition and the presence of strong conformity with friends his age. 
In addition, expanding knowledge results in the ideals and dreams of soaring. Critical attitude and questioning the truth of what is facing will drive or urge fantasy in order to achieve a realistic thoughts

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