Jeringau Plants (Acorus Calamus)

Jeringau Plants (jerangau, dlingo, Acorus Calamus) is a water plant, grows wild on the riverbanks, swamps and waterlogged land throughout the year.

By society, Jeringau cultivated plant in the gutter by the side of the house. At first glance Jeringau plant similar to Pandanus, but the leaves are smaller and grow straight like a sword.

Dark green leaf color and smooth surface. Stems of plants are in the mud of rhizome with roots of large fibers. Cross section of rhizome about 1 cm to 1.5 cm, while the roots of about 3 mm to 4 mm. Jointed rhizomes with buds on each segment. Rhizome length depends on age and level of friability sludge plant. At optimum growth, branching rhizomes and can Jeringau coiled 60 cm long.

Jeringau grow to form a colony of plants that the longer will be widened. Generative breeding can be done, but this will only happen in the near sub-tropical region. In the tropics, breeding Jeringau through rhizome buds that will grow into a vine and a new individual plant.

All parts of plants, ranging from leaves, rhizomes to the roots is very strong and distinctive smell Jeringau.

Jeringau plants is a plant that contains essential oils. Use of Calamus oil from for perfume, the pharmaceutical industry to flavor in a variety of beverages and tobacco brands.

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