Slide Puzzle Game

Game program (game) is one of the implementation of computer science. The development of the game today was very rapidly and has become its own fashion in the world because the majority of computer users spend most of their time in front in the computer game program. 
One of the algorithms used to develop the game program is a tree-based algorithm the search space (searching algorithm). One game that uses a tree-based algorithm the search space to solve the slide puzzle game.

Slide Puzzle is a game of make a collage with the rules of a piece can only be removed by sliding it into the empty space (blank tile). This puzzle is a kind of puzzle that has a level of difficulty in solving the problem is very high compared to other types of puzzles. 
Most people who play this puzzle takes a long time in completing the game. This is because on a slide puzzle that no additional information has to help conduct the search for solutions, so that when the process of preparation of puzzle pieces puzzle structure originally occurred. To resolve the question in this game needed an effective search algorithm that can be applied.
Puzzle games including one of the types of educational games that can be used to train a person's ability to reason and logic.

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