Computer Games are Entertainment

Computer game is a computer program that consists of a virtual world controlled by a computer in which players can interact to achieve some goal. Because it is a game then its nature is a recreational activity with the aim of having fun, leisure and light activity that can be done alone or together.

Game Station have a unique consumer product the consumer compared to other services. Consumers are often referred to Game Station or gamers in the habit of spending money and time to play computer games together with her ​​friends in the time period long enough (4 hours). It is based to test the ability to play computer games or just spend leisure time together.

Person who likes to show off the ability to demonstrate that she can be better than his friends is the hallmark of a gamer or just feel lonely at home because there are no friends is a common reason given gamer that he is willing to spend much time in Game Station, although sometimes the gamers themselves have computer capable of playing the same game at Game Stations visited.

From this information, it is known personal factors and psychological factors are fairly dominant factor than other factors.

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