Motion Coordination Skills for Cerebral Palsy Child

Cerebral Palsy Children is a disorder of movement and posture caused by damage to brain regions that control motor function. From the definition above may be taken of a child's understanding of cerebral palsy, they were impaired (impairment) is characterized by the presence of disturbances in motor system of muscle movement or posture that can also be accompanied by the condition of mental retardation or other neurological symptoms, all of which is due control muscle function due to abnormalities in the brain area or brain dysfunction due to prior development of the perfect.

Cerebral palsy child's motor skills are very limited, therefore, should be studied systematically in order motion capability can be improved. To develop the motor skills of cerebral palsy children requires time and patience. Exercises should be done regularly and repeatedly, on a regular schedule, so that success can be immediately felt.

The main component of independence for the child's Cerebral Palsy is the ability to coordinate movement of his limbs. The problems faced by Cerebral palsy children is difficulty in conditioning the motion of the body, resulting in disruption experienced by them on members of the motion. As for the disruption they experienced them, muscle spasms either whole or in part.

The presence of inuvoluntary movements are movements that are not intentional and can not be prevented, so it felt very disturbing. The deficiency of balance of the body that causes incorrect or false allegations such as the time step size. Small movements such as continuous vibration on the hands, head or eyes. The presence of muscles in the body is always stiff. The disorder causes movement disorders in children activities such as eating movement, stepping movements, the movement of writing and other activities.

To overcome the above Cerebral Palsy child needs to exercise motor skills so that they have a matching motor coordination or harmony so that they can take care of themselves which is a basic function in everyday life by developing a customized motor coordination skills with ability. This can improve them a better life for themselves and for their families and their environment.

Exercise motor coordination skills in cerebral palsy child requires a special form of motion, and specific principles. Thus, in practice these motor coordination skills using basic dance form of motion on the grounds that the dance is a branch of the art of dance in general is very well-liked

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