Human Behavior

Behavior is a movement that can be observed from the outside, like walking, bike riding, and riding motorcycles or cars. Although observations from outside the very least, the actual behavior of the body is behind the curtain, inside the human body. behavior is an activity or activities of organisms (living things) are concerned. Therefore, from a biological point of view of all living things from growing - plants, animals to humans behave, because they have their activities - each.

So is human behavior, is essentially a human act or activity from the man himself who has a vast expanse include: walking, talking, laughing, working, college, writing, reading and so on.
From the description above can be concluded that the intended behavior (humans) are all activities or human activities, both of which can be observed directly or that can not be observed outside parties.

Behavior can be divided into two namely:
a. Covered person's behavior is a response to the stimulus in the form of veiled or covered (covert). Response or reaction to stimulus is still limited to attention, perception, knowledge / awareness, and attitudes that occur can not be clearly observed by others.
b. One's overt behavior is a response to the stimulus in the form of action or open. The response to the stimulus is already evident in the form of action or practice.

Behavior is a form of stimulus response (stimulation from the outside). This means that although the form of stimulus is the same but the form the response will be different from everyone

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