The need for information today, demanding the mass media to always access the latest information continuously. Both of the print media, electronic media, the book industry and others. Many new things are growing rapidly due to the emergence of courage in expressing the things that needs to be conveyed to such information. Television as an audiovisual media has its own charm with moving images. Television is one of effective mass media for delivering messages to the audience. Therefore, audiences tend to use television as a means of entertainment, information and knowledge, thus making the information submitted is more interesting and pleasing its audience than other media. Speaking about the content of television, variety shows were presented by television to start a family.
Television as a product of advanced technology, growing rapidly in line with the changing times. Featured broadcasts led to many changes in society, because television has the properties of the medium, ie the messages conveyed have a fairly high power stimulation.

The mass media are extensions of human senses. Television is one of the mass media into a small window to watch the events away from the reach of our senses and which presents an imaginary film passing of time and space

Television has a function as a means of informative, persuasive, motivational, easy and understandable even television is used as an educational medium for coaching young people in order of nation and character building through programs that produced the show from the many television channels.

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