The Biodiesel

Fuel oil is a source of energy with the largest current consumption when compared to other energy sources. But the current world fuel crisis. As a result of the depletion of oil and gas supplies are necessary to develop alternative fuels. Alternative fuel is a renewable fuel. Fuel source is derived from green plants that can produce hydrocarbons directly. We can choose a new plant source of high potential to be used as liquid fuels and chemicals.

Biodiesel is also a solution to face the scarcity of fossil energy in the future. Biodiesel is generally a diesel engine fuel made from renewable materials, or specifically a fuel for diesel engines consisting of alkyl esters of fatty acids. Biodiesel can be made from vegetable oils, animal oils or from used cooking oil or recycled. Biodiesel raw materials are potentially large in Indonesia for now is crude palm oil (Crude Palm Oil CPO), palm oil, jatropha oil.

Biodiesel is expected to replace diesel as a base for diesel engines. The advantages of biodiesel is higher cetane number than diesel fuel cetane number that exist today, the flue gas from burning biodiesel is more environmentally friendly, better engine acceleration, and lighter pull.

Development and use of alternative fuels to be one option to meet the demand for fuel is increasing. In addition, alternative fuels have a positive impact such as exhaust emissions are environmentally friendly (especially reducing greenhouse gases), as well as the development of the agricultural industry

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