Communication in English comes from the Latin communis, meaning "equal", communico, communication, or communicare which means "make similar" (to make-Common). The first term (communis) is a term most often used as the origin - of the word communication, which is the root of the word - Latin words that are similar. Communication suggests that a mind, a meaning or a message embraced equally.

The term science of communication is defined as an effort to formulate a way of skewering as precisely - precisely the principle - the principle of transmitting information as well as the formation of opinions and attitudes.

Communication can also be interpreted as a process of delivering a message by someone to someone else to inform or change the attitudes, opinions or behavior either directly or indirectly through the media.
The main purpose of communication study is to investigate how communication effects on a person, ie conditions that must be met if we want to evoke a response message that we want.

In any event communications, covering the five elements in it, that is a communicator, message, media, communicant, and effects. The definition of mass communication is defined as a type of communication addressed to some audience dispersed, heterogeneous, anonymous, through print and electronic media as the same message that can be accepted simultaneously and for a moment.

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