Orange fruit variety and efficacy

Types of oranges are grown today consists of several kinds and fruit spreads became famous as a specific area. Example in Indonesia known orange called orange honey siem Medan, Pontianak siem oranges, tangerines Malang, tangerines and oranges nuts pier. Each of these special types has their own advantages and disadvantages, so which one is more difficult than winning.

Orange fruit is not only enjoyed the fresh taste only, but a orange fruit as well as thirst and release as a dessert fruit, orange fruit turns out to have multiple benefits, which in addition can be processed into a beverage or food can also be used for drugs.

For example orange can lower a fever by rubbing the orange liquid on the foreheads of people who suffer from pain. Orange juice can also be used to cure inflammatory eye drops, after being mixed with clean water. Oranges can also be squeezed and mixed with hot water to serve fresh drinks.

In connection with the high levels of vitamin C in orange fruit, the citrus fruits can be processed into tablets of Vitamin C or eaten straight to cure bleeding gums and grippe.

Orange fruit peelings can be used for a mixture of dish washing soap, to remove the smell of rancid on the surface of the plate. Especially if the maintenance and processing with a good note, hopefully this venture will bring in more profit.

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