Know more about Gambir (Gambier)

Gambier is a creeping plant coffee compatriots copies (uncaria gambier Roxb). In trading Gambier known by various names as follows namely: terra handkerchief and cutch. Gambier plants are generally grown in the lowlands to an altitude of 900 meters above sea level and require a lot of sunlight. Gambier plants can be propagated in two ways namely vegetative and generative.

Along with the development of the types of industrial goods that require raw materials Gambier, Gambier the need for the industry is increasing. Gambier has long been known as a food ingredient mixture of betel. Gambier is also used as a medicinal herb, batik material, paint ingredients, textile dyes and the beer industry.

Gambier can inhibit the growth of fungi phytophora cinnamomi and potentially quite as anti-bacterial and anti fungal. Recent studies show that Gambier extract is used as the active ingredient in toothpaste and bio pesticides.

In Japan Gambier used in making special sweets for smokers whose function is to neutralize nicotine. Gambier processing is done by boiling or steaming Gambier leaf, and then squeezed with sapik / Captain (traditional tool for squeezing the sap Gambier). Results juice of sap / filtrate will be thickened in a container like a bucket or tub so that the wood hardens and becomes a paste Gambier. Then done draining the sack and weighted down with rocks or cement Cora for a day, so similar to cookie dough.

Then performed with a cylindrical bamboo molding and forming fist-sized sphere, cylinder printing with bamboo typically sold apiece while printing to form such a fist-sized dots per kilogram sold. And most recently performed drying until moisture content below 17%.

Gambier quality is determined by processing the sap of leaves of Gambier and quality. Leaves of Gambier leaves should be treated that are not young and not too old. Because the Gambier leaves when young do not generate a lot of sap, and when too old leaves have a yellowish resin produced is not so qualified.

In the processing of the sap Gambier leaves, leaf picking accuracy and extortion leaves, cleaning processing equipment, compression and the drying environment and the influence of weather can affect the quality of Gambier, Gambier usually the time for drying conducted for one week.

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