Children are the future young generation is very valuable that will be instrumental in the development of future development so that national development can run smoothly then it must prepare the younger generation who really has the potential, because it is education and coaching for children to do the maximum.

But not all children can be educated in public schools. This is experienced by children with autism are children in the process of growth or development abnormalities or irregularities (a mental, intellectual, social, emotional)

School requires them to be able to communicate or interact with both inside and outside the classroom classes, but not all children understand or play alone, or could have a child who is too impulsive or hyperactive. Children are so susceptible to interference in the development, stunted in terms of communication or could have been talking for example, children with autism.

The presence of influential autism schools in providing comfort and safety for learners. Irregularities in brain development derived from the disturbance of the nervous system motor, making children easy tantrums (emotions) and can not control myself, so it takes special needs.

In addition to behavioral therapy (behavioral therapy), people with autism generally require medical treatment, i.e. drugs to cope with disturbances in brain cells, speech therapy, occupational therapist who trains daily activities and motor skills, as well as special education therapies to enhance the potential of children according to ability.
Therapy aims to reduce problem behaviors and enhance learning and communicating, so that the child be more independent. Early treatment is given, the results are better.

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