Natural Contraceptive with Solanum betaceum Cav.

Increasing the drug industry, especially contraceptive drugs in the last decade have spurred commercial utilization of various species as a source Solasodin. Aglicon Solasodin is an alkaloid that has a steroid nucleus, with the formula up as diosgenin. Solanum steroid alkaloids can be used as a base for the manufacture of some steroid hormones are used for oral contraception. This upsets the balance of steroid alkaloid gonadotropin hormones, both male and female

Solanum betaceum Cav., eggplant-type plants of the family Solanaceae. Solanum betaceum Cav., Is a shrub or tree, trunk 2-3 m high with a trunk diameter of 4 cm, the shape of round rods, kordatus leaf shaped leaves, veins prominent, long petiolus 7-10. Flowers small, have bunches, pink to blue color of eggplant with a diameter of 1 cm and oval-shaped fruit.

Solanum betaceum Cav., Initially known as Cyphomandra betaceae, but later revised to Solanum betaceum Cav., Which is included in the family Solanacae. In 100 g of Solanum betaceum Cav., Containing 82.7 to 87.8 g of water, protein 1.5 g fat from 0.06 to 1.28 g, carbohydrates 10.3 g, fiber 1.4 to 4.29 g ; ash from 0.66 to 0.94 mg; carotene 0.371 to 0.653 mg vitamin D 540 IU and vitamin C from 23.3 to 44.9 mg. If the fruit is cooked, then most of the vitamin C is lost.

Solanum mauritianum is a small tree or shrub native of South America, including northern Argentina, southern Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. This plant has a life time of up to thirty years, and can grow to reach 33 feet. This plant has large oval leaves are green to shades of gray. The flowers are purple with yellow center. This plant can bloom all year round and can grow on various soil types.

These plants contain compounds Solasodin glycoalkaloid, with the highest content in the raw fruit green (2% - 3.5% dry weight). Solaurisin, Solauricidine, and Solasodamin also had been found in Solanum mauritianum.

The ability of plant species solanacea in lowering sperm counts, reduced sperm mobility and increase the number of abnormal sperm such as motility, viability and sperm membrane integrity, so that impair fertility in men lies in Solasodin.

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