Teaching and Learning Activities

Education is primarily a process to assist people in developing themselves so that they can cope with change and problems. One important thing that contributed to the success of education is teaching and learning activities in schools. Students, teachers, and infrastructure are a component in learning. Students as subjects and teachers as facilitators in learning. Student activity is very influential in the learning process. Understanding of the students is also very important for teachers so that teachers can create the right circumstances in a teaching-learning process and provide the optimal effect for students to achieve good learning results.

Learning system must be more innovative and attractive so as to enhance students' understanding of a concept to the maximum towards a learning creativity.

Learning that can be used is the inquiry approach (discovery). This approach is based on mental processes in which students assimilate the concepts and principles. Mental processes, such as observing, classifying, making allegations, explain, measure, draw conclusions and so on. One type of inquiry approach is a guided inquiry approach. In this approach, the teacher provides guidance or instruction to students, most of the planning is made of teachers, and students do not formulate the problem or problems.

Practicum is one way to find a concept and principle in which students actively experience and prove to them self about what is being learned. In this way students are totally involved in doing yourself, analyze, demonstrate and draw your own conclusions about the object, situation or process anything. When the guided inquiry method is carried out through the practicum students will be able to actively assimilate the concepts and principles so that students are able to understand the lesson. Guidance and instruction from the teacher will facilitate students in the process of discovery of concepts and principles in the subject matter. Thus the quality of the learning process and student achievement will increase.

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