HOW Toxic material cause Oral Disease

The oral cavity is the top part of the digestive tract. The main part of the oral cavity are the lips, tongue, mucosa, gums, jaw bones, teeth and pharynx. Every part of the oral cavity may be suffering from certain diseases caused by certain types of toxic materials as well.

A toxic material can cause diseases of the oral cavity in two ways. The first is direct. This can happen if toxic material directly into the oral cavity, such as through food contaminated with toxic materials or inadvertently consumed some type of toxic materials. Both are indirectly or also called systemic. This occurs when toxic materials through the skin or respiratory tract into the body, absorbed by the blood, then spreads throughout the body including the oral cavity region.

The first way would cause the symptoms of an acute disease of the oral cavity, whereas the latter will lead to chronic symptoms. What ever happens is the second way.

Severity of oral diseases caused by toxic materials is influenced by several factors, among others:

1. Doses of toxic materials.

The entry of toxic material into the body primarily through respiratory tract is by breathing air contaminated by toxic materials. By itself the higher levels of toxic materials in air pollution more severe disease it causes.

2. The duration of contact with toxic materials.

The longer an employee in contact with toxic materials caused more severe disease.

3. Conditions of employment.

The point here working conditions for employees means of salvation. Examples of employees who work with wearing a nose / mouth (mask) will suffer the nuisance rather than not taking cover nose / mouth.

4. Conditions of employees.

Employees with poor physical conditions such as tartar will suffer a more severe disorder. Another example of employees who are smokers will also suffer a more severe disorder than non-smokers.

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