The role of Women in Advertising

Ads are news order to encourage, persuade the general public about the goods or services offered, sold or installed in the mass media such as magazines, newspapers and television. As the language of communication, advertising has its own language structure. Structurally ads consist of signs, i.e the smallest elements of language.

The sign consists of a marker (signifier), which is something that is material in the form of pictures or illustrations and the marker is the concept (signified) or meaning (meaning) is behind all of these markers can be used to describe reality.

Talking about women's body language is inseparable from her physical appearance. Thus, any form of appearance of the female body is a conversation that never runs out, as in a variety of themes always appear at any debate starts from head to tip of nails. Likewise, in media advertising in both television and print media ads which partly looks always take advantage of a woman's body language as one of the images appeal to the consumption of a product. The concept of body language is defined as a unique nonverbal communication signals, one can convey a message or express themselves through movement consciously or subconsciously, body movements and facial expressions can be a direct replacement of language and verbal language serves as a description, or as a medium to hide actual intent.

Some good advertising medium of television or print media describing as though decent to eat is what is in effect advertising potential female consumers racing to buy a product that has similarities with what is objectified by advertising. Beautiful woman's body becomes an economic commodity labels are very effective advertising medium, especially for the culture of modern industrial society.

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