Natural Antioxidants helps protect the body

Naturally, every living creature or organism will arrive at the process of growing old. The old process is normal and unavoidable. Old process is considered as the normal life cycle when the arrival time. Unfortunately, sometimes there is a process of premature aging too fast. Advancement of Science later discovered that a lot of factors causing early old process that is partly due to genetic factors, lifestyle, environment, genetic mutations, immune system damage and free radicals.

Of all the factors, the free radical theory is the theory most frequently expressed. Free radicals can come from pollution, dust and produced continuously as a consequence of normal metabolism. Therefore our body requires a substance that is an important antioxidant that helps protect the body from free radical attack by damping the negative effects of this compound.

Antioxidants serve to overcome or neutralize free radicals that are expected with the old process of granting these antioxidants inhibited or at least "not accelerating" and can prevent damage to the body of the onset of degenerative diseases.

The sources of antioxidants can be either synthetic or natural antioxidants. But today the use of synthetic antioxidants began to be restricted, because it turns out the results of research that has been done that synthetic antioxidants such as Butylated Hydroxy Toluene it can poison animals and carcinogenic. Therefore, food industry and medicine move to develop a natural antioxidant and find sources of new natural antioxidants.

There are many foods that can be a source of natural antioxidants, such as spices, tea, chocolate, leaves, seeds, Cereal seeds, vegetables, enzymes and proteins. Most are plant sources of natural antioxidants and phenolic compounds are generally scattered throughout the plant both in wood, seeds, leaves, fruits, roots, flowers and pollen.

Phenolic or poly phenolic compounds, among others, may be a flavonoid. The ability of flavonoids as antioxidants has been studied this past year, in which flavonoids have the ability to alter or reduce free radical as well as anti-free radical.

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