The responsibility for education of children

As we all know that the responsibility for education of children is concentrated on three (3) organizations that are family, school and community as an educational center. If we look at the three institutions responsible for education, the school actually is the second element in the educational institutions. But recently the school into a major institution responsible for education.

Education should be implemented at an early age. If children at an early age was trained to do something good, then after they've grown up and grown accustomed to feeling happy to do it and not perceived as a burden. Carry out the virtues and noble manners require different training and awareness in order to get to do it with ease. Truly a small train and educate children from an early age to do well is an effort to lay the foundation of virtue, was eventually becomes a habit.

Family environment should be the lead agency role in educational change. Lack of available time at home and hanging out with the entire family is as busy as a result of routine job faced by family members, especially fathers and mothers, who in turn controls and attention to their children is not fulfilled. Given these problems, many parents who give education to children are formal institutions such as schools. Thus, education is the responsibility of the formal educational institutions (schools).

One of the responsibilities borne by the school in educating their child's education is a noble spirit away from crime and disgrace. A child requires a deepening of values ​​and norms and morals into their souls. Moral education for children is important because children are individuals who are still in progress towards the optimum, so the child can be formed from an early age. Therefore the school as educational institutions is very dominant in giving attention to the moral education of children, because good and bad morals of children indirectly affected by the education conducted at schools.

Today there are many behaviors which concern undertaken by children, such as stealing, lying, and daring to both parents. The decline of politeness and other behaviors that demonstrate the low morals. Then it's time as an educational institution (school) to always be aware of his responsibility as educators to pay attention to their students, especially in moral education in order to achieve a noble person.

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