Mental Health Development

Mentally healthy person is not only about avoiding her understanding of both psychiatric disorders and neuroses and psychoses, but should also be seen the extent to which a person is able to adapt itself and its environment, able to harmonize the functions of his soul, unable to cope with life problems including anxiety and inner conflicts that exist, and be able to actualize her potential to achieve happiness.

The term itself to obtain the understanding of mental health is diverse as development, are as follows:
  • Mental health is the ability to adjust oneself to others and society and the environment in which he lives and interacts.
  • Mental health is the knowledge and practice that aims to develop and exploit all the potential, talent and disposition of existing as closely as possible, so as to bring happiness to self and others and of the disturbances and psychiatric illness.
  • Mental health is the realization of genuine harmony between the functions of the soul, as well as having ability to facing ordinary problems that occur and in a positive sense of happiness and ability.

One can try to maintain his mental health by upholding its principles in life, namely:
  1. Having self-image or image and attitude toward oneself is positive.
  2. Has a self interaction or balance functions of the soul in the face of life's problems, including stress.
  3. Able to actualize the proceeds to reach optimal maturity.
  4. Able to socialize and accept the presence of others
  5. Find interest and satisfaction for a job well done
  6. Have a philosophy or religion that can give meaning and purpose to his life.
  7. Introspective or has control of all the activities that arise.
  8. Having a sense of right and responsible attitude of his actions.

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