Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) Part II

Transmission and Prevention in HIV / AIDS

HIV can be found in all body fluids, but which proved transmission is through blood, semen and cervical fluid / vaginal only. Modes of transmission HIV / AIDS may be through:

1. Sexual intercourse
2. Receipt of blood or blood products via blood transfusion

3. The use of syringes, medical devices and equipment other puncture (tattoos, piercing, acupuncture, etc...) unsterile
4. Acceptance of organ, tissue or semen

5. Transmission to the fetus from pregnant mother.
6. Until now there has been no evidence of transmission can be through: insect bites, beverages, food or casual contact in families, schools, swimming pools, public toilets or work with people with AIDS

By knowing the ways of HIV transmission, it will be easier to do prevention measures. Easily, HIV prevention can be done by ABCDE formula is:
A = Abstinence, not having sex or abstain sex before marriage
B = Being Faithful, faithful to one partner, or avoiding multiple sexual partners sexual
C = Condom, for those who are at risk is recommended always to use condoms correctly during sexual intercourse
D = Drugs injection, do not use drugs (Drugs) injections with unsterilized needles or used interchangeably
E = Education, education and health education on matters related with HIV / AIDS

With the increasing cases of HIV / AIDS is necessary alacrity workers to provide medical assistance and services to patients with HIV / AIDS. On the other, with the advancement of science and technology in health, HIV / AIDS that had been are a progressive disease of the deadly shifted into a chronic disease that can be managed. Although not yet found a drug that can kill the HIV virus completely, with the discovery of antiretroviral drugs, people with HIV / AIDS could be increased life expectancy. This is certainly to be supported by the efforts of the care strong in order to achieve optimal quality of life.

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