The World of Sex Workers

Talking about the world of sex workers, then we'll talk about a world that are multidimensional and multi sectoral. It is present, developing, less recommended, permitted until prohibited greatly depending on the context of the discourse that developed starting from the perspective of legal, political, economic, social and cultural rights to religious morality. More than those sexual problems are also related to psychological issues. Under what circumstances and how the world of sex workers were always present, from the hidden to overt.

Prostitution has old age, always there in people's lives for thousands of years ago. Sex and women are the two key words associated with prostitution. Sex is a human need that always exists in human beings and can appear suddenly. Sex can also mean an abstract expression of human love of beauty. While the woman is a type of God's creatures that are created as a symbol of beauty. Then the phenomenon that often occurs in the community is always synonymous with female sex.

But, unfortunately again, which is always a victim of sexual greed is also a woman. Due to the woman as a symbol of beauty, each a beautiful typically the target market that is always used as a commodity that is able to make money. That is why there are always women who gather in one place and trying to "sell" to anyone who requires "instant service". Men, although there who sell themselves, but rarely found collected in one place as well as women, or if there is any, generally the men are transformed into a woman so recognized that her beauty is easy to determine the desired rate.

If viewed from a broader view. We'll find out that actually made a sex worker is an activity that involves not only the women who provide sexual services to receive financial rewards. But this is a commercial activity that involves many parties. This trade network also stretches in a wide area, which is sometimes not only within one country but several countries.

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