The Food Additives

Food additives are compounds (or a mixture of various compounds) are intentionally added to food and is involved in processing, packaging and / or storage, and is not a material (ingredient) key. Food additives and degradation products, usually remains in the food, but there are some who deliberately separated during processing.

The addition of Food Additives generally aims to

(1) improve the nutritional value of food,

(2) improve the sensory value of food,

(3) extend the shelf life (shelf life) food.

Additional ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, or amino acids are usually added to improve and / or increase the nutritional value of a food. Many foods are enriched or fortified with vitamins to restore vitamins lost during processing, such as the addition of B vitamin to flour, or the addition of vitamin A into milk. Iron minerals added to enrich the nutritional value of food, mainly because of the iron in food generally has a bio availability low.

Color, odor, and consistency / texture of a food can be changed or reduced due to processing and storage. This can be improved by the addition of Food Additives as dyes, color-forming compounds, confirmation flavors, thickeners, stabilizers, and others. Formation of a distorted smell (off flavor) on fat products can be prevented by the addition of antioxidants. Texture of food can be improved by the addition of minerals, emulsifiers, thickeners and / or stabilizers such as monoglycerides, hydro colloid, and others.

Food processing lately have a tendency to produce food that is a long shelf life (durable) and easy to prepare (convenient). It is driven by factors such as material properties of fresh food that is generally easily damaged (perishable) and seasonal, as well as the lifestyle that want things easy and fast. To get such food, one of the businesses that use is to add a preservative, both to prevent the growth of microbes and to prevent the occurrence of chemical reactions that are not desired during processing and storage.

Food Additives is often used to produce food for special groups such as diabetics, patients who had undergone surgery, those who run a low-calorie diets or low-fat, and so on. Various Food Additives used for this purpose include artificial sweeteners, fat substitutes, thickeners, and others.

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