The Benefits of Exclusive Breastfeeding for Mother

1. Reducing bleeding after childbirth

If the baby is breastfed immediately after birth so the likelihood of bleeding after delivery will be reduced. When the baby is sucking the mother's nipple, pituitary gland will be stimulated to increase production of the hormone oxytocin to stimulate contractions of the muscles in the breast milk so the milk line radiated out. This is because in breastfeeding mothers increased levels of oxytocin which is useful for blood vessel constriction or closure more quickly so that the bleeding will stop.

2. Reduce the occurrence of anemia

When postpartum hemorrhage did not occur or stop sooner, then the risk of blood deficiency causing anemia in the mother will be reduced. Cessation of bleeding after delivery will reduce the risk of death and blood deficiency causing anemia in the mother.

3. Spacing pregnancies

Other benefits of exclusive breastfeeding is a natural contraceptive that can prevent pregnancy. The possibility to prevent pregnancy can reach 99%. However, there are three conditions that must be met, the baby has not fed the other, not yet six months old baby, and mother has not menstruate.

4. Shrink the uterus

Oxytocin levels increased breastfeeding mothers will greatly help the uterus return to pre-pregnancy size. This reduction process will be faster compared with mothers who did not breastfeed. With breastfeeding, maternal fat reserves that is prepared as an energy source will be used during pregnancy as the milk-forming energy. As a result, the fat reserves will shrink, so the mother's weight loss will happen more quickly.

5. More quickly slim back

Breastfeeding requires then the body will take energy from the fat accumulated during pregnancy. Thus, mothers who breast-feeding weight will quickly return to pre-pregnancy weight.

6. Reduce the likelihood of suffering from cancer

In women who are exclusively breastfed, the possibility of suffering from breast and ovarian cancer is reduced. Some research suggests that breastfeeding would reduce the likelihood of breast cancer. In general, if all women can continue to breastfeed until the baby is 2 years old or older, suspected breast cancer incidence was reduced to 25%.

7. More economical / cheap

With the benefits of breastfeeding means saving expenditures for infant formula, breastfeeding supplies, preparation of formula milk to drink. In addition, breast-feeding also saves baby's expenses for medical treatment, such as the cost of physician services, the cost of purchasing drugs, perhaps even the cost of hospital care.

8. No hassle and time saving

Milk may be given to the baby without having to prepare or cook water, also without having to wash bottles, and without waiting for the milk is not too hot. Bottle feeding would be more troublesome, especially at night.

9. Portable and practical

Easy to carry anywhere (portable), so the move does not need to carry a variety of tools to drink formula and not have to carry an electric appliance to cook or warm milk. Milk can be given anywhere and anytime in a state ready to eat / drink, as well as the temperature is always right.

10. Provide satisfaction for the mother

Mothers who had exclusive breastfeeding will feel a deep satisfaction and happiness. Sense of pride and happiness because it can give something of himself for the sake of her baby (breastfeeding) will strengthen the inner relationship between mother and baby.

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