The Prostitution

Prostitution is derived from the Latin "pro-stituere" / "pro-stauree", which means allowing ourselves commit adultery, do whoredom, fornication.

Prostitution is a "profession" of very old age, as old as human life itself. Namely in the form of uninhibited behavior without control and obscene, sexual appetite due to impingement with the opposite sex without knowing the limits of decency.

Apparently, in times past that prostitution has a connection with the worship of gods and certain religious ceremonies. Prostitution is not only tolerated, but also there are religious practices that lead to sin and lewd behavior is not different from prostitution.

Prostitution is always there in all civilized countries, since time immemorial. And always be a social problem, or becomes the object of legal affairs and
tradition. Further, with technological developments, industrial and human culture, prostitution is also co-evolved in various forms and levels. Prostitution is a form of social ills that are difficult to stop its spread.

In many countries prostitution is forbidden, even penalties. Also regarded as an act of contempt by all members of society. However, since the first human society so that the world would end later, "livelihood" This prostitution will remain there; difficult, even almost could not possibly be eradicated from the face of the earth, as long as there are still sex lust out of control will and conscience.

Harlots mostly in the cities, the traffic areas where tourists and cruise / spree, in which many visited the people who want to vacation, relax or travel. In general, in these places apply the principle of Tourism 4-S, namely Sea, Sun, Service and Sex. So to hold both men and women, organized prostitution practices; officially in brothels and specific locations, seeps or unofficially to hotels, guesthouses, lodgings and places of entertainment.

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