Beware of Toxic materials

In today's modern industrial era increase in the use of chemicals is inevitable. Correspondingly the number of illnesses caused by these chemicals (also called the work of disease) also increases. This is especially true in industries where the means of salvation work of employees is inadequate.

Chemicals (toxic materials) that are used or produced by an industry can be a gas, solid, liquid does not evaporate, and volatile. These toxic materials can cause diseases of the skin, eyes, internal organs and digestive tract where the mouth is a part.

The oral cavity is the entrance of food into the body. If the oral cavity have a disease then by itself the amount of food that enters the body is reduced. This will cause a weakened physical condition resulting in employees working ability is reduced, so that industry production capacity is also reduced. The ability of an industry is measured by production capacity, then it is proper oral diseases in addition to other work because of illness should receive attention.

There is often an employee of an industry to come for treatment to dentists with symptoms of diseases of the oral cavity. Once treated, the disease was not cured or healed although relapse repeatedly. This can happen because as dentists forget to ask about the type of work the employee.

An oral cavity diseases that repeatedly suffered by the employee, the employee can occur due to continuous contact with a type of toxic material used in the industries in which the employee works. In this paper outlined some oral diseases caused by several types of toxic materials.

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