The Benefits of Execlusive Breastfeeding for Infants

1. As a nutrition

Each mammals are naturally prepared to have a pair or more of the milk glands. At birth the milk glands to produce milk for baby food. Breastfed infants gained during the process of breastfeeding will meet the nutritional needs of infants so as to support cognitive development.

2. Increase endurance baby

Infants who are still in the womb, are naturally going to get Immunoglobulin (immune substances) from the mother through the umbilical cord. However, levels of this substance will rapidly decline after the baby is born. The new baby's body makes enough antibodies to reach protective levels at aged 9 to 12 months. At levels of innate immune substances decreased, while that formed by the baby's body then there is not enough substance in the baby gap. The gap will disappear or be reduced if infants were given breast milk, because milk is a fluid that contains antibodies that will protect infants from infectious diseases, viruses, parasites, and fungi.

3. Improve intelligence

Development of intelligence is closely related to brain growth. There are two factors that affect intelligence. Genetic factors and environmental factors.

a. Genetic or congenital factors determine the potential genetic or congenital inherited by parents. This factor can not be manipulated or engineered.

b. Environmental factors are the factors that determine whether genetic factors will be achieved at an optimum. This factor has many aspects and can be manipulated or engineered.

In addition to the above major factors that affect brain growth of infants and children is a nutrient or nutrients it receives. The most rapid brain development
occurred at the age of 0-2 or 3 years, in which brain volume will reach 80%.

Therefore, breastfeeding is needed at this time. Although the brain has undergone rapid development during this period, it does not mean that the development of the brain just stop there. The volume of the brain will continue to grow until the age of 12 years. The best nutrition for babies is breast milk for brain development in which are LC-PU FA. Two types of LC-PU FA that is needed for the development of the infant brain is DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) as one type of omega-3 fatty acids and AA (arachidonic acid) as one type of omega-6 fatty acids.

4. Increase compassion

Babies are often located in the arms of his mother for breastfeeding mothers will feel the love. He will also feel safe and secure, especially as it still can hear the heartbeat of his mother he has known since the womb. Feeling protected and cherished is the basis for emotional development of infants and establish a confident personality and a good spiritual foundation.

5. Basic personality development of children

Breastfed babies will strengthen the mother-child bond. Sense of security in the baby will grow when he was in his mother's arms. He enjoys a touch of soft leather and hear the heart of the mother as she had known during the pregnancy. These conditions are the basis for the development of warm emotions in children. Through the process of breastfeeding, the child will learn to share and give love to those around him.

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