Wood has been used for various purposes by human beings since time immemorial. With a variety of uses, the wood still exist until today. Unlimited use of wood for household appliances (interior), but is also used for exterior purposes, e.g for the manufacture of the bridge. Meanwhile, with its colors and decorative patterns, some type of wood used to make objects of high artistic value.

As with other objects, the natural color of wood can be very interesting. People liked the teak wood such as strength and durability in addition to the already well-known is also because of the color and the s type. Some people like wood with bright colors, some are more like a darker-colored wood. But not a few who like both.

Color selection becomes very personal because it can express one's personal. Color is something that is unique because it can change the feel of the environment, creating a certain style, set the mood and alter perceptions. The color of the wood gives the characteristics for various types and is highly dependent on extractive substances it contains, though often difficult to express in words. This is because not only consist of one color but a blend of several colors.

Wood has a high decorative value caused by the color, type of fiber and pictures in wood. Furniture made of wood like this are usually given a transparent color to display its natural beauty. While the furniture or other equipment made of wood that do not have the color and pattern of interest, will be given a specific color in the finish resulting in better color. Often also objects or equipment that is not made of wood made as if made of wood by giving a certain finish so that it becomes similar to the color and pattern of certain wood.

Wood has natural colors vary widely. Generally, wood-colored sapwood younger or lighter than the wooden porch. While the wooden porch has more color variations, mainly brown with various shades. Because the color of the wood patio wood is usually preferred over the pig. Some types of wood are given special treatment such as soaking or vapor given to darken the color.

Wood color ranges from nearly white to black, some are plain and some are composed of two or more colors, so it looks like there s type. Pattern that existed at a particular type of wood can be caused by:

1. Color difference between early wood and late wood of the circumference grows.

2. Color difference network.

3. Staining intensity differences in the layers of wood formed in a different time period. On the ebony wood for example, there are layers of red-brown or brown and there are layers of black. In the radial and tangential field will appear as lines of red and black color turns brown.

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