The Beauty of Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelago where most of Indonesia is widespread throughout the oceans. Indonesia therefore has the potential for a great sea include biological resources, mineral, and energy. With the potential of the sea then we can use it for recreation and marine scientific investigations.
One of the potential of marine Indonesia is the beauty of underwater life itself. Therefore need a place where human beings as elements of natural wealth managers can begin to recognize and then dig deeper into the beauty of life under the sea while recreation.

Changing times cause the state of the busy and crowded urban areas with the routines of everyday society. This led to crowding and noise in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city. Also tensions arising from air pollution levels are high, the routine drudgery of traffic congestion and lack of leisure time in order to remove the saturation.

Urban communities have a high activity work well also have better economic capabilities. In line with the increase in economic capacity, so did the various necessities of life, including the need for recreation. With the mental condition of urban recreation like this then becomes a very important requirement.

Among the many existing recreation, one of which is marine recreation. Also in the international world, Indonesia is known as a maritime country that has the potential for marine tourism is difficult to find in other countries, either a tourist beach with a beautiful panoramic or underwater world with stunning panoramic sea garden. The potential of natural and natural wealth Indonesia today, especially the potential for both water and freshwater aquatic water has not been handled properly and optimally, with respect to the status of our country as our maritime nation.

Indonesia is the world's largest archipelago with an area of ​​territoral 5193 million km, and from the wide 60% or 3.28 million miles is an area that has the potential of natural waters are typical. Where nature Indonesia has a wide variety of flora and fauna, both land and live life in the waters. It can be shown that the wealth of Indonesia are still many unknowns and so need to be introduced to our society, especially to support the preservation of nature.

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