How to Measure The Quality of Marriage?

Marital quality is closely connected with the concept of 'good marriage'. Measurement of marital quality may be through:

Happiness In Marriage (Marital Happiness).

Components of marital quality is the most widely used gauges. This concept refers to the feelings experienced by a person in her marriage. Happiness is a difficult concept is understood that no one can balance between the 'happiness' and 'unhappiness'. This difficulty is caused because it was dealing with complex emotions within oneself.

Satisfaction In Marriage (Marital Satisfaction).

The second component is to measure the quality of marriage through marital satisfaction experienced by the couple. This concept refers to the desires, hopes, and desires of each individual are met in a marriage. This component as a comprehensive assessment of an individual is subjective.

Adjustment In Marriage (Marital Adjustment).

This concept used to assess a comprehensive marriage. It used to assess how an individual look at his partner. Adjustments in marriage should be viewed from two different aspects. First, as a process and secondly as a way to judge a marriage. Both are seen as a continuum that moves, starting from the side that can not adapt and end on the side of how an individual can adjust to their partner.

Instability In Marriage (Marital instability).

The final component of the quality of the marriage is marital instability, which is defined as a form of a tendency to make the divorce as a way out of problems encountered. This concept consists of two components, namely the cognitive and behavior. Cognitively, married couples who have an idea that marriage is something that complicate and often thought about divorce. When a component's behavior can be seen in the form of actions such as: talk to friends about the divorce, seeking advice and assistance of lawyers, religious leaders, and counselors about how to divorce or marriage possibilities to deal with divorce.

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